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Google login: How Google will provide accurate information from billions of websites !

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Google search console: Why Google is the Best Search Engine & Why You Should Care

Google login: Google wanted to know which is the ‘ugliest’ of Indian languages. According to the results page, Kannada is the language of 40 million people in South India. Then the search engine came under severe criticism. He deleted the text from the results page. I’m sorry. Yet the Kannada speakers could not change their minds. Not to mention.

They will undoubtedly have to be more responsible for what Google will show on their platform. There is no right to hurt people’s feelings. But here is another thing to consider.

Someone has searched for the ‘ugliest language’. Kannada was mentioned on another website. In other words, Google has presented the answer to one’s question only from another source. It is true that Google could have been more careful in choosing data sources. Then there would be no such problem. But the question is, how does Google show the desired results in front of people from billions of websites?

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Google login works, it’s Google itself. You can see it in the video attached below the text. It has been said that when someone searches Google for something, there are thousands, sometimes billions of helpful websites. Which of these websites will be presented to you, the process begins long before you type your question.

Google login search for information is much like a library:

Searching for something on Google means searching for information directly on the website. Instead, search for information in Google’s index. This index contains what kind of information a website has. It can be compared to a library.

Suppose you want to go to the library and learn about Mahasthangarh in Bogra. He told the librarian. The librarian can give you a list of books in that library so that there is information about Bogra. He can tell which books he has.

Then your job is to bring the books and read them. However, there may be more information about Bogra in books that are not in that library. The librarian cannot show you them. And the librarian’s skill is to find the exact information you want in a book.

We can compare Google to a librarian, libraries to indexes, and books to web pages. When you search for something on Google, Google looks up the index and sees which information is on which website. It then shows the results in front of you. You can get the desired information by opening the web page from the search results like opening the book.

How Google adds a website to the index:

Google’s web crawler automatically crawls billions of web pages. The crawler scans the content of the entire page by going to another web page by grabbing the hyperlink from one web page. Then he puts the information in the search index.

In addition to automatically scanning web pages, the website owner can also submit a list of web pages on that website to Google. The name of this list is Site Map. Google claims, however, that they never pay to add or prioritize any website in the index. 

Google search index is compared to a library, its size will be very large. There are billions of web pages in that index. And Google says that the size is much more than 100 million gigabytes.

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