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WB Government Camp 2023 | A new project is being launched.

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WB Government Camp 2023: On December 1, 2020, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee launched the first door-to-door government scheme. After the inauguration of the project, this project has received a huge response in the past years. Out of the 10 crore population of the state, more than 6 crore people have benefited from this scheme so far. Recently, an important update has surfaced regarding Sarkar Camp in 2023.

WB Government Camp 2023 | A new project is being launched.

Two years have passed since the election. Duare Sarkar Project has already been recognized as a role model of the state government. Duare Sarkar’s project has won the platinum award among the best 800 projects in the country at the Digital India Awards, 2022 held recently in Delhi.

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A large number of people have spontaneously responded to this project and the Center has given recognition to this project. Now several states including Bihar are following the path shown by Bengal.

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When will the government camp be held in Duar in 2023?

On Thursday, the Chief Minister said from the stage of the administrative meeting on his visit to Purulia that from now on every 3 months government camp will be held in Duar. Earlier in December 2022, the government last camped in schools in Duar. Although the Chief Minister did not specify any specific date for Duare Sarkar, as per the announcement, the first Duare Sarkar will be held across the state in March-April.

What are the benefits of the project in the Duare Sarkar?

A total of 28 services including Kanyashree, Rupashree, Joy Johar, Tafshili Bandhu, Food Sathi, Health Sathi, Student Credit Card, and Kisan Credit are available at Duare Sarkar Camp. Submitting various caste certificates, student credit cards, Lakshmi Bhandar, and other application forms here will generate your documents in very less time.

Didir Suraksha Kabach:-

The state government has launched a new program Didir Suraksha Kabach under the Duare government scheme. On the instructions of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, party leaders and ministers to MLAs, MPs, and workers of all levels are visiting rural areas and listening to the complaints of common people.

He is spending the night in a person’s house there. Didi’s ambassadors are spreading state government projects door to door. They are sending a report to the top leadership after investigating the reasons why the people of the state are deprived of any project or not getting the benefit of the project.

New Project:-

This time a new project is going to be started from Duare Sarkar Camp. It was named Duare DM SP BDO. As a result, the top administrative officers of the district are hearing directly from the people of the state about the pros and cons of the service delivery of the state government projects.

Experts believe that the state has taken this great initiative to increase public relations by appearing among the common people and building a close relationship between the government and the common people.

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