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Mirabai Chanu Viral Photo: ঘরের মেয়ে মীরাবাঈ চানু, বাড়ি ফিরেই মাটিতে বসে পাত পেড়ে খেলেন |

Mirabai Chanu Viral Photo: ঘরের মেয়ে মীরাবাঈ চানু, বাড়ি ফিরেই মাটিতে বসে পাত পেড়ে খেলেন |

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Tokyo 2020: Such a great success in the Olympics! After that many athletes turn their heads. Take the case of Sushil Kumar. The medal-winning wrestler, however, could not control himself. The lure of money, fame, and prestige has pushed him into the dark world. But there are exceptions everywhere.

Mirabai Chanu is one such exception. She won silver in weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics. After that, she returned home and became like the daughter of the house again. As if nothing happened yesterday. He has fond memories of winning a medal in Tokyo. But he did not float in the stream of happiness. Rather the roots are gripped. He had his roots in the village of Nampak Kakching. And here she is a very ordinary girl.

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Tokyo 2020: There is a struggle in the life of the hill people. Mirabai Chanu also had to continue that struggle from a young age. Due to its geographical location, daily life has become a lot of hard work. Lack of money in the world. With all this, Mirabai has become rich. Has adapted to everything with a smile. The lack of life did not affect his zeal. His focus could not move. Mirabai’s grandfather used to say that his younger sister used to pick wood for the house from the age of 6-7. Mirabai’s weight lifting training started from there. After that, the intoxication of carrying that weight took him so far. The whole country went to Tokyo with the weight of expectations. Rupo came back to win.

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Mirabai has returned to her old life after returning to Nampak Kakching village in Manipur. For the time being, he is resting for some time. After that training again. However, the busyness is not less. Someone is coming home every day. If not, you have to attend the reception. The hill girl is doing everything with a smile. Spending time with family. Even the weightlifter who won silver at the Olympics is sitting on the ground with rice, pulses, vegetables. Many people are surprised to see such pictures. The call has already been made to join the post of Additional Superintendent of Police. As a result, after a while, the work may start. But before that, Mirabai wants to live life to the fullest. She became an ordinary girl from a hilly village in Manipur.

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