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Birth Certificate Correction Online Process (West Bengal)

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Birth Certificate Correction Online: Maintaining accurate documentation is crucial for personal and legal purposes. However, errors in birth certificates can occur due to various reasons, including clerical mistakes or misinterpretations. Fortunately, the West Bengal government has streamlined the process of correcting birth certificate errors through an online portal, offering convenience and efficiency.

Eligibility for Online Birth Certificate Correction

The online correction process is available for individuals who have birth certificates issued by the West Bengal government. The types of errors that can be rectified through this online portal include:

  • Misspellings in names, including first, middle, or last names
  • Incorrect dates of birth
  • Errors in parentage information
  • Gender discrepancies

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Step-by-Step Guide to Online Birth Certificate Correction

steps to correct a birth certificate online in West Bengal

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  1. Visit the official website: Go to janma-mrityutathya.wb.gov.in and select “Citizen Services” > “Birth” > “Birth Certificate Correction.”

  2. Enter birth certificate number: Enter your certificate number and click “Get OTP.” Enter the received OTP and click “Submit OTP.”

  3. Review and make corrections: Review the displayed birth certificate information and make any necessary corrections. Provide a brief explanation for the changes in the “Reason/Remarks” field.

  4. Submit application: Click “Submit” to finalize your application. A confirmation message will appear.

Your birth certificate correction application has been successfully submitted. You can track its progress on the website or contact the relevant authorities for updates.

Additional Considerations

  • For correction of spelling mistakes in parents’ names, the correction must first be made at the hospital or nursing home where the birth occurred.

  • If you require a name change, you cannot apply for correction through the online portal. You will need to submit a separate application for a name change at the appropriate authority.

  • For any assistance or queries, you can contact the e-District helpline or visit the nearest Municipal Corporation office.


The West Bengal government’s online birth certificate correction process offers a convenient and efficient way to rectify errors in birth certificates. By following the step-by-step guide and providing accurate information, you can seamlessly update your birth certificate and ensure the accuracy of your personal records.

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