Smart Music Bulb Using IOT Device

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Bluetooth music bulb led

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What is Smart Music Bulb?

Smart Music Bulb is a popular smart home entry point. Smart LED Bulb is normal but the smart music bulb is an ordinary one.  It allows customizing the light. Also, Smart Music Bulb using IoT Device is controlled by a remote.

For home automation systems, Internet of Things (IoT) products is used. With the help of Bluetooth, ZigBee, & Wi-Fi connections, smart bulbs can be controlled by a mobile app. Or a home/ building hub can be controlled smart bulb, with the help of a mobile.  

Each of the bulbs can be programmed to change its output in a specific manner. If you want to do, then add internet connectivity with additional features. Many types of music bulbs are enabled for building managing with RGB Color controlling power.

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How do Smart Music Bulb works?

Different bulbs use different methods for continuing their job. Smart Music Bulb using IoT Device uses a transmission line to send and receive the data or signals. Some bulbs are connecting directly with Wi-Fi routers built-in Wi-Fi radios. You can easily control them remotely. Or using a mobile app.

How do connect Smart Music Bulb with music?

You have to connect the strips to Bluetooth or any device. The strips have to connect to the very much sensitive built-in Microphone.  If the microphone works properly.

Specifications :

LED Color:  12 Color available

Type: Smart Music Bulb

Bulb Type: LED

Number of Bulbs: 1

Pattern: Multicolor Shine

Number of Function: Multicolor glow, Bluetooth connectivity, music

Wattage: 7W

Power Requirement: 220,240

Power Source: AC Adapter

Supported OS: Bluetooth

Supported Device: Bluetooth

Uses :

This is not only a LED Bulb but also a Speaker. This is very much easy to install. You can use this bulb as a floor lamp or desk lamp. Also, you can use this as a night lamp, with simple music playing.


1.Smart music bulb conserves even more energy.

2.In every room motion sensor is work by the install this bulb.

  1. Smart music bulbs use conserves 50% less electricity than traditional incandescent.
  2. Low cost.


  1. Overheating problem
  2. Transformer capability issue


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