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Microsoft Windows: Why Windows is called ‘Windows’

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Why Microsoft Name Their OS “Windows”?

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Microsoft Windows: Previously, Microsoft’s early operating systems had to work by writing commands or instructions. You had to type the command to view the file. If you want to know the time, you have to write the command. It could not be done with just a mouse click as it is now. The matter was quite difficult.

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In 1975, Microsoft introduced the first graphical user interface or image-based operating system. It was called Windows 1.0. Since then the word Windows has been added to all subsequent versions. But the question is, where did the name ‘Windows’ come from?

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Microsoft’s marketing strategy is to name the product in one word. That word is as good as it gets, but it has to be descriptive. Perhaps the best example of this is ‘Word’. The office is the same. 

The Windows name is chosen according to the same philosophy. When Windows was released in late 1985, most operating systems were for single use. I had to work by writing commands. The graphical user interface was a brand new idea then, only Apple’s Mac was commercially successful then.

Among Microsoft’s operating systems, Windows was the first to use different ‘windows’ for different tasks, and the opportunity to perform multiple tasks simultaneously on the same operating system. Microsoft chose the name ‘Windows’ because of its ability to work with multiple windows.

The full name is Microsoft Windows. Because it is difficult to register common words like Windows, Word, or Office as trademarks.

The latest version of the Windows operating system, Windows 10, is now used on 1.3 billion computers. The new version of Windows is expected to be announced on June 24.

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