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how to identify 500 rupees fake note, RBI told.

How to identify Rs 500 notes?

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how to identify 500 rupees fake note, RBI told.

How to identify 500 rupees fake note: In the Annual Report of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), there has been a big disclosure about the forged notes. Counterfeit notes of more than 5.45 crores held by RBI and other banks confirm that the business of counterfeit notes has been going on in the country. Here you can easily find how you can check the 500 rupees note.

 According to the RBI report, fake notes worth more than 5.45 crores have been caught in the financial year 2020-21

31.3 percent increase in counterfeit notes of 500 rupees

There has been an increase of 31.3 percent in counterfeit notes of 500 rupees, held in comparison to the previous year. In the financial year 2019-20, 30,054 notes of Rs 500 were caught, while in the financial year 2020-21, 39,453 notes have been caught. However, the quantity of other types of counterfeit currency has come down. Counterfeit notes caught include notes ranging from 2, 5, and 10 rupees to 2000 rupees.

How to identify Rs 500 notes?

If a note of 500 rupees is forged with you, then there is a loss of 500 rupees in one stroke. In such a situation, you must know the difference between real and fake notes. After demonetization, the old Rs 500 notes have been completely banned. Now you have to take care of the identity of the new note. 15 main signs have been given by RBI to identify Rs 500 notes, through which you can easily tell which note is real and which is fake.how to identify 500 rupees fake note

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First, look carefully at the poster of this Specimen Copy:

  1. Keep these few important signs in mind
  2.  500 is written here when the note is placed in front of a light.
  3.  If you place a note at a 45-degree angle in front of the eye, 500 will be written here.
  4.  Here 500 is written in Devanagari.
  5.  Mahatma Gandhi’s picture’s orientation and position are slightly different compared to the old note.
  6.  When the note is lightly folded, the color of the security three goes from green to blue.
  7.  The Governor’s signature, guarantee clause, promise clause, and RBI logo have shifted to the right side as compared to the old note.
  8.  There is a picture of Mahatma Gandhi here and there is also an electrotype watermark.
  9.  8 The numbers entered on the top left and bottom right side become larger from left to right.
  10.  The color of the number 500 written here changes. Its color changes from green to blue.
  11.  10 Ashok Pillar on the right side. Circle box on the right side which has 500 written on it.
  12. There are 5 bleed lines on the right and left sides which is rough.
  13. These prominent identification marks on the backside of the note
  14. The year of printing of the note is written.
  15. There is a language panel towards the center.
  16. The logo of Swachh Bharat is printed with a slogan.
  17. The picture of the Red Fort is printed with the Indian flag.
  18. 500 is printed in Devanagari.

A visually impaired person can recognize by touch

The Indian currency also has some special identification marks for the visually impaired, which they can recognize by touch. The 500 rupee note has the Ashoka Pillar emblem, Mahatma Gandhi’s picture, bleed line, and the insignia printed with roughness, which the visually impaired person can touch and feel.

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