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IAS Exam Preparation: Sonu Sood arranged free coaching classes

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Sonu Sood launches scholarship program for IAS aspirants

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IAS EXAM: Starting from asking the government to take responsibility for the education of orphans in Corona, the need for education of all people has come up more than once in the face of Sonu Sud. And this time Sonu Sood extended a helping hand to the students once again. Sonu Sood arranged free coaching scholarships for those students who could not prepare for the IPS exam due to a lack of funds.

Sonu Sood posted a post on social media today. He wrote, “The IAS want to create for yourself? We’ll take all the responsibility. I feel very good to tell you about a ‘possible’. This work is being started at the initiative of Sonu Sood Charity Foundation and Dia Delhi.

IAS EXAM Free Coaching class:

Free coaching classes to students who are required to negotiate this initiative. The application must be submitted online. The last day is June 30. All information shared on social media today, Sonu Sood himself. Sonu has impressed his fans once again with this new initiative.

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Sonu Sood posted a video on social media at the end of April. There he pointed out a deep problem. The situation in the country is becoming increasingly serious. Many have lost loved ones to the virus. Among them are children. Their words came up in the words of Sonu Sud. In the video, Sonu said, “I would like to make a request to the government and the people who want to come forward to help. As we have seen, many have lost loved ones in the second wave of the Corona. Some have lost their mother, some have lost their father. Someone again both. Some of them are 6 years old, some are 12 years old or less. What do I think will happen to all these children? ‘

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Sonu added, ‘I think there should be a rule that all these children can study for free. Public and private schools should be free of cost. Even education for them should not cost money in any case starting from medical. ‘There are many families who have lost their heads. That means losing the only earning member. There should be some rules for them so that those worlds go away. ‘

Sonu concludes with the message, ‘I urge those in power or those who can really make rules to come forward. Let them think of securing the future of all these families. ‘

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