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e-RUPI app download | Direct Link to Download the app

e-RUPI: প্রধানমন্ত্রী ই-রুপি চালু করেছেন, ডিজিটাল লেনদেন এবং ডিবিটি আরও কার্যকর করতে একটি বড় ভূমিকা পালন করবে |

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e-RUPI app download: PM launches e-Rupee, will play a big role in making digital transactions and DBT more effective –

e-RUPI app download:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched e-Rupee, an electronic voucher-based digital payment system via video conferencing. He said that today the country is giving a new dimension to digital governance. E-rupee vouchers are going to play a huge role in making digital transactions and DBT more effective in the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it would help everyone achieve targeted, transparent, leak-free distribution. E-RUPI is also a symbol of how 21st century India is advancing with the help of modern technology and connecting technology with human life.


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e-RUPI app download: Can pay e-rupee instead of cash?

The Prime Minister said if any general institution or organization wants to help someone in his treatment, studies or any other work, he can give e-rupee instead of cash. This will ensure that the money he has given is used for the same work for which that amount has been paid. At an early stage, the scheme is being implemented on the health sector related facilities of the country. Over time, that is likely to change.

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E-rupee will be very helpful

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that some people want to spend money on medical treatment, some want to give TB patients financial help for proper medicine and food or some other food or environmental benefits to children and pregnant women. So e-rupee will be very helpful for them.

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Experts have raised questions (What is e-RUPI? )

The Prime Minister said earlier some people in our country wanted and they said that technology is only for rich people, India is a poor country, so what is the use of technology for India. When our government talked about making technology a mission, many politicians and some experts raised questions.

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Bring transparency and honesty:

The Prime Minister said that today the country has rejected the thoughts of those people and proved wrong. Today the thinking of the country is different, it is new. Now, we see technology as a tool of progress to help the poor. Today the world is watching how technology is bringing transparency and honesty to India.

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