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Best (Top) Govt and Private ITI college | district wise top ITI college in Uttar Pradesh (UP)

Best (Top) Govt and Private ITI college | district wise top ITI college in Uttar Pradesh(UP)

Top ITI college in Uttar Pradesh: Uttar Pradesh (UP) has a total of 2441 government and Private industrial training colleges under the State Council for Vocational Training, Uttar Pradesh.

You can admission to any government and Private  ITI colleges in Uttar Pradesh (UP) after the 10th class pass.  You can also admission to any NCVT approved private ITI colleges in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Here we share a complete list of government and Private  ITI colleges in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Education Qualification For ITI:

  • For M Group: The student must pass the Madhyamik examination from any recognized board. The school must be located in Uttar Pradesh.
  • For E Group: The student must be pass class 8 from any recognized board in Uttar Pradesh.

Here We Share A Complete List Of The Best Government And Private  ITI Colleges In Uttar Pradesh ( List Of Government & Private ITI Colleges In Uttar Pradesh (UP) district wise 2021 )

Best Government ITI List In Uttar Pradesh (UP) 2021 (Top 30)

Sl NoCodeITI NameStateDistrictITI TypeApproved
Grade   Under 5
1GR09001475Government ITI, AgraUttar PradeshAgraGovt3.80
2GR09901160Government Industrial Training Institute, FatehabadUttar PradeshAgraGovt2.84
3GR09901088Government Industrial Training Institute, Etmadpur AgraUttar PradeshAgraGovt2.48
4GR09901203Government Industrial Training Institute, Wah AgraUttar PradeshAgraGovt2.47
5GR09000557Government ITI, World Bank Mahila, AgraUttar PradeshAgraGovt2.37
6GR09901077Government Industrial Training Institute, Koil Aligarh-202127Uttar PradeshAligarhGovt2.30
7GR09001477Government ITI, AligarhUttar PradeshAligarhGovt2.23
8PR09000054Government ITI, Atrauli, AligarhUttar PradeshAligarhGovt2.22
9GR09000025Government ITI, Katra, AllahabadUttar PradeshAllahabadGovt2.13
10GR09901215Government Industrial Training Institute, MandaUttar PradeshAllahabadGovt2.09
11GR09000545Government ITI, World Bank MahilaUttar PradeshAllahabadGovt1.99
12GR09000548Government ITI, Naini, AllahabadUttar PradeshAllahabadGovt1.96
13GR09901050Government Industrial Training Institute, Jahagirganj Ambedkar Nagar 224147Uttar PradeshAmbedkar NagarGovt1.81
14GU09901049Government Industrial Training Institute, Akbarpur, Ambedkar Nagar 224122Uttar PradeshAmbedkar NagarGovt1.81
15GR09000009Government ITI, Tanda, Ambedkar NagarUttar PradeshAmbedkar NagarGovt1.81
16GR09901048Government Industrial Training Institute, Alapur, Ambedkar Nagar 224129Uttar PradeshAmbedkar NagarGovt1.81
17GR09000170Government ITI, Jagdishpur, AmethiUttar PradeshAmethiGovt1.79
18GR09001215Government ITI, Musafirkhana, AmethiUttar PradeshAmethiGovt1.79
19GR09000196Government ITI, AmethiUttar PradeshAmethiGovt1.79
20GR09000078Government ITI, Gauriganj, AmethiUttar PradeshAmethiGovt1.78
21GR09901021Government ITI JaisUttar PradeshAmethiGovt1.78
22GR09901185Government Industrial Training Institute, Tiloi AmethiUttar PradeshAmethiGovt1.78
23GU09901145Government Industrial Training Institute, Gajrula AmrohaUttar PradeshAmrohaGovt1.78
24GU09901221Government ITI Hasanpur, AmrohaUttar PradeshAmrohaGovt1.77
25GR09901144Government Industrial Training Institute, Gangeshwari, AmrohaUttar PradeshAmrohaGovt1.77
26GR09901091Government Industrial Training Institute, Ajitmal Auraiya 206121Uttar PradeshAuraiyaGovt1.77
27GU09901090Government Industrial Training Institute, Bidhuna Auraiya 206243Uttar PradeshAuraiyaGovt1.77
28GU09001583Government ITI, AzamgarhUttar PradeshAzamgarhGovt1.73
29GR09001169Government ITI, Lalganj, AzamgarhUttar PradeshAzamgarhGovt1.70
30GR09900922GOVERNMENT ITI LALGANJ AZAMGARHUttar PradeshAzamgarhGovt1.67

Top Private  ITI List In Uttar Pradesh (UP) 2021(Top 30): 

Sl+A1:G32 NoCodeITI NameStateDistrictITI TypeApproved
Grade   Under 5
1PR09900244Rudra Private I T IUttar PradeshAgraPvt3.77
2PR09001312Shri Udaibeer Singh ITC  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt3.48
3PR09001321Holy Mother Teresa ITC  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt3.41
4PU09001733Smt. Shyam Sundari Private ITI , Shant Kunj Colony, Nagla Ram Bal Yamuna Brij – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt3.32
5PR09000215P.T. Ram Sahay ITI  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt3.22
6PR09000394T. N. P. S.  Private ITC  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt3.20
7PR09001394Karan Singh Memorial Private ITI  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt3.16
8PU09900437SG PRIVATE ITIUttar PradeshAgraPvt3.14
9PR09001251J.P Sharma ITC  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt3.10
10PR09000055Process & Product Development Centre I.T.C Foundry Nagar  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt3.08
11PR09000316Saraswati Private Industrial Training Institute  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt3.07
12PR09900069Thakur Naubat Singh Private I T IUttar PradeshAgraPvt3.01
13PR09900412Kailash  Smarak Private I T IUttar PradeshAgraPvt3.00
14PU09002158S.R. PVT ITIUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.99
15PR09002148M S R VIDYAPEET PVT. I.T.I.Uttar PradeshAgraPvt2.97
16PR09001128Achnera ITC  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.89
17PR09000665Saraswati  Private ITC  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.86
18PR09000082Anand Industrial Training Centre Bawanpura Kiravali  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.86
19PR09900630Th. Bacchu Singh Private I.T.I.Uttar PradeshAgraPvt2.85
20PU09900025SALASAR Private ITIUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.85
21PR09001406C.L.Memorial Private ITI  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.83
22PR09002015Pandit Beeri Singh Private Industrial Training InstituteUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.83
23PU09900196SANT RAMKRISHNA PRIVATE ITIUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.83
24PR09000231Presentation ITC  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.79
25PU09900497SHRI KASHIRAM Private ITIUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.78
26PU09001959Jhon Milton (P.) I.T.I CollegeUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.78
27PR09000270R.D. ITI  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.78
28PR09000878Pooran Chand Sharma ITI  – AgraUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.76
29PR09002108Smt. Mithilesh Fauzdar Private I.T.I.Uttar PradeshAgraPvt2.74
30PR09900275RAM PRIVATE ITIUttar PradeshAgraPvt2.73


The above ITI lists are listed according to the rank published by DGT Stand 2020,

Know More: Complete List Uttar Pradesh ITI College List Pdf  : Click



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