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Arduino Based Smart Shoe System for Women Safety, Defense and Integrated Intelligent Tracking

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Arduino-Based Smart Shoe System for Women’s Safety, Defense, and Integrated Intelligent Tracking: Syed Mosharaf Hossain, a resident of Tilabani Village, located in the Faridpur block of Durgapur, recently developed a unique product that is expected to help in the safety of women.

Every day on TV, in newspapers, and on Social Media, we always come across incidents that make us question the safety of women in the country.

Having two elder sisters, Syed always wanted to find a way to help in reducing the rate of crime against women and innovate something that will make them feel safe. He was doing a lot of research regarding the same.

Arduino Based Smart Shoe System for Women Safety, Defense and Integrated Intelligent Tracking

In the year 2018, when Syed was a student of Gobindapur Sephali Memorial Polytechnic College, in Purba Bardhaman, he came to know about various women’s safety applications that were launched at that time.

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But, there were some negative sides to the android application that was launched earlier. First of all, most of women in rural areas don’t have smartphones. And another point is that the possibility of activating the application in time is very low.

Also, most of the time the attacker snatches the bags and phones or tie the hands, which leaves no chance of activating any such safety features. This made Syed think of something that will not require hands to activate.

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So, after 2years of extensive research, he developed a pair of shoes, which might prevent a woman from being assaulted.

His professors Ramprashad Chatterjee, Krishnendu Karmakar, and Subhendu Chakraborty helped him throughout his journey to develop this technology.

Durgapur Engineer develops innovative shoe for women's safety

So, what is the specialty of this pair of shoes?

According to Syed Mosharaf, a chip is installed in this shoe, which will be able to send messages to up to 5 preset devices with the woman’s location within 30 seconds.

The in-built GPS will keep on tracking the location, even if she is moved to a different location.

Not only the shoes, but he had also designed a pendant that can perform the same function. He was not able to disclose the information about it as it was patent pending.

Mosharaf stated that he wants to meet the Chief Minister soon and wants to have a discussion with her about the usage of his technology for the safety of women in the state.

He wants Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to give this innovative shoe the same way she gave cycle as part of her “Sabuj Sathi prokolpo” and for that, he named his innovation “Potho Sathi”.

This new innovation by this man from the city of Durgapur has been not only become popular in India but in Bangladesh as well.

But Syed Mosharaf Hossain said, his mission for the safety of the women in the country will only be successful when his product will reach the feet of every woman in the country and will make them feel safe.

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