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22 government benefits not available If Aadhaar card-PAN card Not link

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22 Government Benefits: Big disaster is waiting for you if you don’t link your Aadhaar number with your PAN card. If your Aadhaar number is not linked with your PAN card, your PAN card will be canceled first. And for that, you will be directly deprived of 22 government services!

Without linking Aadhaar with a PAN card, your situation will become almost impossible to sustain. You will not be able to use the money you have saved yourself, the salary will stop. In short, the bank and the government will completely turn away from you because of the cancellation of the PAN card!

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Those 22 Government Benefits will not be available without PAN-Aadhaar link

  1. Can’t make any savings or investments due to cancellation of PAN card. All government project funds will be frozen.
  2. Can’t open a new account in any bank in India, as you won’t have a valid PAN card.
  3. No investment in mutual funds without a PAN-Aadhaar link.
  4. Updating the bank passbook, and checking the balance should also be inconvenient.
  5. If you have a fixed deposit in the bank, it will be temporarily frozen, you will not be able to withdraw that money even if you want to.
  6. Investment in the stock market will not be possible due to the cancellation of the PAN cards.
  7. Cannot register any trust or NGO in own name. If you are on the board of a registered organization your name will be deleted at the time of renewal.
  8. Sale and purchase of property may be blocked. Because currently, PAN card has become a must in this case too. Moreover, even if the transaction money enters the bank, you cannot use it.
  9. Cannot open demat account.
  10. There may be problems in getting salary or pension money at the end of the month. Even if your organization pays into the account, you will face a hurdle in withdrawing it. As a result, even if you work throughout the month, your hands will be empty at the end of the month.
  11. You will not have a valid PAN card unless this link process is completed. And as a result, your document verification process will not be final while joining the new job. As a result, even after getting a job, there is a strong possibility of losing it. It can happen in both the public and private sectors.
  12. There will be difficulty in getting payment of any insurance premiums deposited or claimed.
  13. Access to loans of any kind shall cease.
  14. If you want to sell old cars, you will face problems.
  15. Can’t apply for a new credit card without a PAN card.
  16. Any transaction relating to bank drafts and checks will be inconvenienced. Your check clearance may be stopped.
  17. Cannot pay or receive payment exceeding Rs.50,000. Because it is mandatory to have a valid PAN card for transactions above this amount.
  18. Don’t get any more loans even after mortgaging the property in the bank.
  19. KYC process of all financial institutions including banks will not be complete without PAN-Aadhaar link. As a result, your account will be frozen there too.
  20. Can no longer transfer money through any online payment app
  21. There will be no possibility of a refund in case of online fraud in making a payment or any transaction is unsuccessful. Because you do not have a valid PAN card, it will not be possible to track the payment process of the payable amount.
  22. If the PAN number is canceled, the funds for social schemes like old age allowance, Lakshmi Bhandar, and Awas Yojana will also stop.
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