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WB 4 Years Integrated Course | 4 year bachelor degree is starting from this year Guidelines issued by UGC

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WB 4 Years Integrated Course: A four-year Honors degree course is being introduced in the state in accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020). The new rules will be effective from the next academic year i.e. July.

The state higher education department sent a letter to all the universities on Friday referring to the relevant guidelines of the UGC regarding the undergraduate curriculum. The registrars have been asked to take necessary action in the concerned universities and affiliated colleges.

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However, this system has been in operation at Central University for several years. Apart from this, the duration of the postgraduate course will be reduced from two years to one year. However, the state government has not sent any guidelines in that regard.

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Now the Higher Secondary Examination (WB 4 Years Integrated Course) is going on. Passed students should be admitted to the four-year Honors degree course. So far it was three years. However, there are also three-year degree courses.

In that case, honors will not be given even if a bachelor’s degree is obtained. This year those who are giving higher secondary will come under this new policy. The rules of National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) are being implemented. Also, from this year, the college admission process will be conducted through a central portal of the state.

WB 4 Years Integrated Course

  • From now on, you can opt out of or enroll in graduate studies at any time, as often as you like.
  • After completing two semesters (first year) of graduation, the certificate course will be given (UG Certificate) if you drop out after 1 year.
  • After passing four semesters (second year) it will be considered as a diploma, and after 2 years it will be given (UG Diploma).
  • Bachelor’s Degree will be given if you drop out after 3 years
  • If you study for 4 years (WB 4 Years Integrated Course), you will get Honors Bachelor Degree only then.
  • Internship opportunities are also available along with graduate studies.
  • This opportunity will be found in all subjects like business, industry, art, science, etc.
  • You will also be given the opportunity to change the subject at any time.

The four-year course (WB 4 Years Integrated Course) can also be research-based. In that case, students will get additional benefits. With 75 percent or more marks, one can directly start Ph.D. ‘Coursework’. In that case, the prescribed one-year course of a Master’s degree must be completed.

This 4-year integrated course is an expert speech!

  1. In the new 2020 national education policy, the secondary school will become ‘unimportant’! On the other hand, the importance of higher secondary will increase. There is no difference between art and science in higher secondary There is no obligation in choosing the subject That is, if one wants to study physics, he can also study music. Chemistry and history can also be studied together.
  2. 15 years of schooling is divided into 5+3+3+4 3 years of primary-Anganwadi Education Class 1 and Class 2 are placed in pre-primary. Class nine to twelve – studies will continue in eight semesters. 40 subjects to be examined in 4 years.
  3. The new policy lays special emphasis on vocational education in schools This new education policy emphasizes vocational education to develop numeracy and science thinking among students in school life.
  4. One of the changes in the new education policy is to give importance to the regional mother tongue and keep the regional mother tongue at the forefront as a medium of education.
  5. In the new education policy, along with school education, major changes are coming in higher education as well From this time the graduate honors course is not three years, but four years 1 or 2-year courses will be taught in post-graduation Apart from this, the new National Education Policy also provides for an integrated course of 5 years for undergraduate and postgraduate study together.
  6. One regulatory body in higher education Multiple entry-exit systems in college! Even if the whole course is not finished, you will get recognition! Certificate on completion of first year Diploma if you complete the second year degree on completion of the entire course
  7. Students can choose the subject of their choice Research opportunities on the subject in college Separate certificate if the thesis is accepted
  8. National Test Agency will be created MPhil is going up, and only Ph.D. is left
  9. Force IIT institutions to be self-reliant in several other areas
  10. The Center has set a target of 50 percent enrollment by 2035 in the 45,000 colleges across the country.
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