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Utsashree Portal Application Closed for Teacher Transfer in WB | WHY? (Banglar Shiksha)

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Utsashree Portal Application Closed for Teacher Transfer in West Bengal (Banglar Shiksha): The Government of West Bengal has registered a West Bengal Utsashree Portal and started logging in at banglarshiksha.gov.in/utsashree/.

It is an online teacher transfer portal where applicants can apply online for teacher transfer. But the transfer process of teachers has stopped for the time being.

What is Utsashree Portal? -Utsashree Portal Application Closed

The Utsashree portal by the West Bengal government is an online portal for teachers where they can request for transfer to their home district. ADVERTISEMENT. This portal will be launched soon in order to ease the process to apply for transfer to a different school in West Bengal.

Required Documents:

  1. Documents relating to any illness
  2. Physical Disability Documents (above 40%)
  3. Birth certificate of a child for a female teacher
  4. Certificate of the distance between the posting place of both spouses
  5. Certificate of the distance between posting location and permanent address
  6. Document size should not exceed 200 KB

Benefits of Utsashree Portal:

What are the benefits of the Online Teacher Transfer Portal –in detail below;

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Teachers and educators of government-sponsored and assisted primary / upper primary/secondary / higher secondary schools can apply for transfer online.

Applicants will be able to know the location of different stages of their application.

The application for online transfer of teachers will be disposed of in due course.

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Application Procedure for the Utsashree Portal Login 2023:

How to apply for the Utsashree portal for Teacher Transfer 2022 –step by step in detail below;

  • Firstly, go to the Official Website: Click Here
  • Secondly, Click on “Log in”.
  • Thirdly, Now click on “Apply for Transfer”.
  • Then, A new page will open.
  • After that, On this page, enter your OSMS type, School District, Circle/subdivision, Teacher Unique Code and PAN, and then log in to the portal.
  • Fourthly, A new page will open. Click on General transfer and then on self-initiated transfer.
  • Then, Now select the preferred district, circle/sub-division, and school from the dropdown option.
  • After that, Click on check vacancy to see if the vacancy is available at the selected school. If no vacancy is available, select a different school.
  • Next Step, Click on add more schools to check and select more schools with vacancies.


  • Firstly, select the appropriate reason for transfer from the dropdown options.
  • Secondly, Upload supporting documents.
  • Thirdly, Fill out the rest of the form (If applicable to you).
  • Fourthly, click the checkbox and click on proceed.
  • Then,  a popup will appear.
  • After that, click on OK.
  • Now, click the checkbox again and click on finalize. Please verify the data before clicking on finalize as you cannot change it afterward.
  • Then,  click on Yes.
  • At last, Your form will be successfully submitted.

Eligibility Criteria:

What are the eligibility criteria for the teacher transfer of West Bengal through the Utsashree Portal –in detail below;

  • Has worked in his own school for at least 5 years, and he can apply.
  • Application may not be accepted in case of any secondary school within 25 KM of the Present School and in case of any other Primary School within its area.
  • If the Transfer Application is rejected, re-application cannot be done within 7 years (source portal link).
  • Applicants must be between 59 years of age
  • In the case of secondary school, posting space should be more than 25 km Primary teachers cannot apply within the same circle
  • No teacher / non-teaching staff can apply within five years of the last transfer
  • If a person is under suspension, faces disciplinary action / judicial action, or is accused of financial irregularities, he cannot apply for a transfer

Reasons for the Utsashree Portal Application Closed:

What is the reason for the transfer process of teachers has stopped for the time being –in detail below;

A case related to the transfer of a primary teacher from Purulia was heard in the bench of Calcutta High Court Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay on Monday. Incidentally, that primary teacher applied for transfer through the ‘Utsashree portal. But it was no use. After that, he filed a case in Calcutta High Court.

Justice Gangopadhyay said after listening to the lawyer’s statement, “First teach well, then transfer.” He also said that he will not order any transfer at least until the student-teacher ratio of the state schools is determined. The judge also informed me that he will not take any decision on this.

One of the main headaches of the court is who will teach the children when the teachers of the state schools are transferred one by one. Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay said in this context, just as teachers have the right to get proper salaries and other benefits, students have the right to education. But the number of people teaching in schools is decreasing. As a result, the judge has become concerned about the extent to which the right of the students is being protected.

He directed the government to prepare a specific report on the matter. Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay finally gave that advice. As a result of this order of Justice Gangopadhyay, the transfer process of teachers has stopped for the time being.

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