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Ramadan 2023 Date Start And End | All You Need To Know About Holy Month Of Ramadan

Ramadan 2023 Date:  The Muslim community considers the month of Ramadan as the most sacred. This holy month begins with the sighting of the moon. The month of Ramadan is 29 days long and 30 days long. Muslims start fasting as soon as Ramadan begins.

Fasting is called Saum in the Arabic dictionary, so this month is also called Mah-e-Siyam in Arabic. Fasting is called roza in Persian. This year, this Pak month is expected to start on March 23. Fasting during Ramadan is considered mandatory for every Muslim.

Fasting begins with Sahri in the morning and then breaks the fast in the evening with Iftar. Ramadan is believed to begin on the day after the sighting of the moon. It is believed that if the moon is visible in Makkah today, it may start tomorrow. Let’s know the exact time of Sahri and Iftar.

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What is urban?

Fasting begins in the morning with the Azan of Fajr before sunrise. At this time the city is taken. According to Islamic beliefs, food is eaten before sunrise in the month of Ramadan. It is known as Sahri. The time to move is fixed in advance

What is Iftar?

After fasting all day without eating or drinking, the fast is broken by eating dates after the evening prayer. It is opened in the evening when the sun sets and Maghrib is called. This is known as Iftar. After this a person can eat and drink anything before dawn.

the dateUrban time Iftar time
23 March 20235:02 am06:36 PM
24 March 20235:01 am06:37 PM
25 March 20235:00 am06:38 PM
26 March 2023    4:59 am06:38 PM
27 March 20234:57 am06:39 PM
28 March 20234:56 am 06:39 PM
29 March 20234:55 am06:40 pm
30 March 20234:53 am06:40 pm
31 March 20234:52 am06:41 PM
01 April 20234:51 am06:41 PM
02 April 20234:50 am06:42 pm
03 April 20234:48 am06:43 pm
04 April 20234:47 am06:43 pm
05 April 20234:46 am06:44 PM
06 April 20234:45 am06:44 PM
07 April 20234:43 am06:45 PM
08 April 20234:42 am06:45 PM
09 April 20234:41 am06:46 PM
10 April 20234:40 am06:46 PM
11 April 20234:38 am06:47 PM
12 April 20234:37 am06:48 PM
13 April 20234:36 am06:48 PM
14 April 20234:35 am06:49 PM
15 April 20234:33 am06:49 PM
16 April 20234:32 am06:50 pm
17 April 2024:31 am06:50 pm
18 April 20234:30 am06:51 PM
19 April 20234:28 am06:52 PM
20 April 20234:27 am06:52 PM
21 April 20234:26 am06:53 pm


Follow these rules during Ramadan 2023 Date

  • This time the month of Ramadan will be of 30 days.
  • This time the last fast will be on the 21st of April and accordingly this time Eid will be celebrated on the 22nd of April.
  • It is mandatory to follow some strict rules in the month of Ramadan. Let’s know what that rule is.
  • Five times prayer is very important for every fasting person during Ramadan.
  • In the holy month of Ramadan, before Eid, Zakat is very important.
  • It is good to donate two and a half percent of your annual income in Zakat to the needy.
  • Every person who worships in this month should give thanks to Allah.


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