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Indigenous Mobile Software BharOS | IIT Madras launches native mobile operating system

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Indigenous Mobile Software BharOS: IIT Madras scientists have brought a native mobile operating system to compete with Android and Apple. The name of this new mobile operating system is BharOS. Any mobile can be sold with this operating system installed. According to scientists, special importance has been given to the user’s security while developing this new mobile OS.

Indigenous Mobile Software BharOS | IIT Madras launches native mobile operating system

Organizations that use tight security and employees share sensitive information all the time will now be allowed to use BharOS. You can stay connected to the private cloud through the 5G network from this operating system.

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There is no default app (NDA) in this new mobile operating system. That is, apps that mobile users are not comfortable with will not be forced to use them.

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BharOS mobile operating system is built on trust. Mobile users will get more freedom, control, and flexibility in this new operating system.

Also has a NOTA update facility. That is, the update of the mobile operating system will be automatically downloaded and installed. This is why the mobile operating system will always run on the latest version. As a result, users will get security patches and bug fixes quickly.

Additionally, each app has additional permission controls to ensure user safety. Only trusted apps can access the phone’s sensitive information.

Scientists at IIT Madras said BharOS will have Private App Store Service (PASS). These apps will be served to keep in mind the security requirements of an organization. This way BharOS users can know how secure an app is before downloading it. If an app has security flaws, it can be detected before it is installed.

Currently, Google’s Android occupies more than 90 percent of the mobile operating system world. Recently, the Competition Commission of India fined Google heavily for forcing users to use their apps and services within mobile operating systems. Analysts consider the launch of a new indigenous mobile operating system within a few weeks of that event to be significant.

BharOS comes with No Default Apps (NDA).

This means that users are not forced to use apps that they may not be familiar with or that they may not trust. Additionally, this approach allows users to have more control over the permissions that apps have on their devices.

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