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Google Updates Rewarded Ads Policy to Allow Indirect Monetary Items

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Google Updates Rewarded Ads: Google is updating its Rewarded Inventory Policy on October 31, 2023, to allow publishers to offer indirect or non-monetary items as rewards. This is a significant change, as it previously only allowed publishers to offer direct monetary items as rewards, such as cash, cryptocurrency, and gift cards.

Google Updates Rewarded Ads Policy to Allow Indirect Monetary Items

Under the updated policies, publishers will be able to offer a wider range of rewards to users, such as discounts, loyalty points, product-free shipping, product or service-free trials, game character extra life, and game character skins. However, there are a few restrictions on the types of indirect or non-monetary items that can be offered as rewards:

  • The reward must only be redeemable and usable for an item or service within the publisher’s platform, website, or app.
  • The reward must be non-transferable.
  • Rewards that are a discount or voucher for physical items must not exceed 25% of the item’s total value.

Direct monetary items remain disallowed as rewards under any circumstance.

This change in policy is a positive development for both publishers and users. Publishers will now be able to offer more engaging and rewarding experiences to users, while users will have more choices when it comes to redeeming their rewards.

Here are some examples of indirect or non-monetary items that publishers can now offer as rewards:

  • A 10% discount on your next purchase
  • 100 loyalty points that can be redeemed for a free product
  • Free shipping on an order
  • A free trial of a premium service
  • An extra life in a game
  • A new skin for a game character

Here are some examples of direct monetary items that are still not allowed as rewards:

  • Cash
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Gift cards

If you are a publisher who offers rewarded ads, you should review the updated policies to ensure that your ad units are compliant. You can also request a review or appeal of any previously disapproved ad units that you believe should now be approved.

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