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Top ITI Colleges in Bihar | Top private and government iti college in bihar List

Here we share a complete list of government and Private  ITI colleges in Bihar. 

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Top Rank Govt. & Private  ITI Colleges In Bihar (ITI 2023)

Bihar State has a total of 1132 government and Private industrial training colleges under the STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION Bihar. You can admission to any government and Private  ITI colleges in Bihar State after the 10th class pass.  You can also admission to any NCVT approved private ITI colleges in West Bengal. Here we share a complete list of government and Private  ITI colleges in Bihar.

Education Qualification For ITI Admission in Bihar  For Govt College  :

  • For M Group: The student must pass the Madhyamik examination from any recognized board. The school must be located in Bihar.
  • For E Group: The student must be pass class 8 from any recognized board in Bihar.

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Here we share a complete list of the Best government and Private  ITI colleges in Bihar ( List of Government ITI colleges in Bihar 2023 ).

Best Government ITI List In Bihar 2023

Sl NoCodeITI NameStateDistrictITI TypeApproved
Grade   Under 5
1GR10000045Govt Industrial Training Institute ForbesganjBiharArariaGovt2.13
2GU10001231GOVT WOMEN ITIBiharArariaGovt1.41
3GU10001214GOVT. I.T.I. BANKABiharBankaGovt1.36
4GR10000040Govt Industrial Training InstituteBiharBegusaraiGovt1.26
5GU10001220Govt Women ITI. BhagalpurBiharBhagalpurGovt1.26
6GR10000038Govt Industrial Training InstituteBiharBhagalpurGovt1.25
7GU10001249Women ITI DarbhangaBiharDarbhangaGovt1.23
8GR10000037Govt Industrial Training InstituteBiharDarbhangaGovt1.21
9GR10000032Govt Industrial Training InstituteBiharGayaGovt1.19
10GR10001212GOVT. I.T.I. MAHKAR GAYABiharGayaGovt1.18
11GR10001215GOVT. I.T.I. TETARIYA TEKARIBiharGayaGovt1.13
12GR10000042Govt Industrial Training InstituteBiharGopalganjGovt1.08
13GU10001226Govt. ITI, JamuiBiharJamuiGovt0.96
14GU10001208Govt. I.T.I. JehanabadBiharJehanabadGovt0.86
15GR10000048Govt Industrial Training Institute GhoghardihaBiharMadhubaniGovt0.83
16GR10000033Govt Industrial Training InstituteBiharMungerGovt0.80
17GU10001213GOVT. I.T.I. HILSA, NALANDABiharNalandaGovt0.78
18GR10001211GOVT. ITI KALYAN BIGHA NALANDABiharNalandaGovt0.70
19GR10000050Govt Industrial Training InstituteBiharNawadaGovt0.68
20GR10000049Govt.ITI   BettiahBiharPashchim ChamparGovt0.68
21GR10000035Govt Industrial Training Institute for WomenBiharPatnaGovt0.60
22GR10000051Government Industrial Training InstituteBiharPurba ChamparanGovt0.58
23GU10001210GOVT. I.T.I. PURNEABiharPurniaGovt0.58
24GR10000039Govt Industrial Training Institute MarhowaraBiharSaranGovt0.55
25GR10000046Govt Industrial Training InstituteBiharSitamarhiGovt0.50
26GR10000047Govt.Industrial Training Institute SupaulBiharSupaulGovt0.48
27GR10000043Govt Industrial Training Institute, BirpurBiharSupaulGovt0.40


Top Private  ITI List In Bihar Top 30: 

Sl NoCodeITI NameStateDistrictITI TypeApproved
Grade   Under 5
1PU10001061MGM Private ITIBiharArariaPvt3.97
2PR10000055Al-Sahaba Industrial Training InstituteBiharArariaPvt3.54
3PR10000756Adarsh Patel Pvt. ItiBiharArwalPvt3.53
4PR10000346Aditya ITCBiharArwalPvt3.52
5PR10000396Vikramshila Private ITIBiharArwalPvt3.50
6PR10000083Adarsh ITCBiharArwalPvt3.49
7PR10000284Shakuntalam ITCBiharArwalPvt3.46
8PU10000903New Vivekanand Private Industrial Training InstituteBiharArwalPvt3.38
9PU10000915SRI SAI CENTRAL Private ITIBiharArwalPvt3.31
11PR10001037Adarsh Keshav Private ITIBiharArwalPvt3.26
12PR10000652Ram Bhaman Singh Private ITIBiharArwalPvt3.23
13PR10000828Sardar Valabh Bhai Patel Pvt. ItiBiharArwalPvt3.19
14PR10000934MANNAT PRIVATE ITIBiharArwalPvt3.13
15PR10000707Dr. Rajendra Prasad Private ITI,BiharArwalPvt3.10
16PR10001159Gayan Shree Private ITIBiharArwalPvt3.09
18PR10000677Sukhdeo Institute Of Tecnology Private ITI,BiharArwalPvt3.07
19PR10001098Maa Savitri Private ITIBiharArwalPvt3.05
20PR10000142Adarsh ITC, DaudnagarBiharAurangabadPvt3.05
21PR10000199Arya Bhatt ITCBiharAurangabadPvt3.05
22PR10000674Barun Private ITI,BiharAurangabadPvt3.04
23PR10000064Adharsh Industrial Training CentreBiharAurangabadPvt3.02
24PR10000564Maa Private ITIBiharAurangabadPvt3.01
25PU10000864Lav Kush Pvt ITIBiharAurangabadPvt3.00
26PR10000591Super Aadarsh Private ITIBiharAurangabadPvt3.00
27PR10000422Aryabhat ITCBiharAurangabadPvt3.00
28PR10000552Siddharth I.T.I.BiharAurangabadPvt2.98
29PR10000740Vivekanand Private ITI,BiharAurangabadPvt2.98
30PR10000423Deep Lal Singh ITCBiharAurangabadPvt2.95


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The above ITI lists are listed according to the rank published by DGT Stand 2020,

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