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Oasis Scholarship | Secondary and higher secondary students get this scholarship

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Oasis Scholarship 2023: This Oasis Scholarship Program was launched by the Government of West Bengal for students. students apply online scholarship application portal for students from all backward states like – Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and OBCs.

About Oasis Scholarship 2023

The Oasis Scholarship is a scholarship program offered by the Government of West Bengal in India for students belonging to minority communities (such as Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, and others). The scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to students who are studying post-matriculation and post-secondary courses.

Eligible students can apply for the Oasis Scholarship online through the official website of the Backward Classes Welfare Department, Government of West Bengal. The scholarship covers various expenses such as tuition fees, maintenance allowance, and other allowances. The amount of scholarship varies depending on the course of study and other factors.

To be eligible for the Oasis Scholarship, students must meet certain criteria such as being a resident of West Bengal, belonging to a minority community, and having secured admission to a recognized post-secondary institution. Additionally, students must also meet certain academic criteria such as having a certain minimum percentage of marks in their previous qualifying examination.

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Overall, the Oasis Scholarship is a helpful initiative by the Government of West Bengal that provides financial assistance to deserving students belonging to minority communities, thereby enabling them to continue their education and pursue their career aspirations.

Oasis Scholarship Application Documents:-

  1. Birth certificate.
  2. Possession of an Aadhaar card is mandatory.
  3. Proof of family income
  4. Current colored passport-size photograph of self.
  5. Your bank account information. Because directly this financial aid will be sent to your account.

Oasis Scholarship Application Eligibility:-

  1. SC, ST, and OBC students can apply only.
  2. It is mandatory to have proof of your own nationality.
  3. Annual family income of 9th and 10th class students should be less than 2 lakh rupees.
  4. 2.50 lakh annual family income from 11th to post-graduation.
  5. Obtaining 50% marks in the previous class is mandatory for application.

How to Apply for Oasis Scholarship 2023:-

  1. You have to apply completely online.
  2. Go to this website
  3. Click on the Student Registration option.
  4. Select your own district.
  5. Enter your cast certificate and date of issue and captcha code.
  6. Select your father’s or mother’s name, date of birth, gender, cast, and course type.
  7. Next enter the annual income of the family, Aadhaar card number, state, district, block or municipality, mobile number, and email address.
  8. The information in which class the applicant is studying should be written.
  9. Register your account with a password.
  10. Download the Acknowledgment Slip.
  11. Login with your application id and password.
  12. You have to fill in the residential address and all the other details as well.
  13. Also, write whether you have applied for any other scholarship, you have to upload proof of family income.
  14. Write the class you are currently studying in.

How much money will you get in Oasis Scholarship every month?

  1. 230 taka per month for classes 9th and 10th.
  2. 300 rupees till graduation.
  3. 530 rupees up to post-graduation.
  4. 550 rupees for any other course above this.
  5. It is good to remember that the amount of this financial scholarship may be less or more as per the government rules.

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