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Madhyamik Life Science Suggestion 2023 (WBBSE) | Download PDF

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Madhyamik Life Science Suggestion 2023 (WBBSE): Answer in one sentence. (Each question is worth 1)

1. What is the literal meaning of the word ‘hormone’?
2. What hormones are found in canned water?
3. Which hormone controls the tropic movement of plants?
4. Which hormone helps in plant cell division?
5. Which hormone increases the size and number of fruits?
6. Name two artificial or synthetic auxins.
7. Which hormone causes the growth of the anterior buds of plants?
8. What is posterior pituitary?
9. Which gland is called Prabhu gland?
10. How many types of stimulants and what are they?
11. What is the scientific name of Lajjavati vine?
12. Which hormone increases blood pressure due to anxiety?
13. What is the name of the hormone secreted by the pancreas that regulates blood sugar?
14. What is touch scholarship?
15. Who discovered gibberellin?
16. Name a nitrogen-fixing alkaline plant hormone.
17. What is the primary source of gibberellin?
18. What is the biosynthesis of auxin?
19. Where was gibberellin first discovered?
20. Which hormone is secreted from the testes?
21. Which hormone is secreted from the ovary?
22. Name the hormone that controls secondary sexual characteristics in the female body.
23. Which hormone is called emergency hormone?
24. What is another name for thyroxine?
25. Which hormone increases heart rate?
26. Give an example of a proteinaceous hormone.
27. What is the name of the three-layered glabrous coat of the central nervous system?
28. Where is the meninges located?

Give short answers to the questions below. (Each question is worth 2)

1. What is the relationship between stimulus and stimulus?
2. How many types of stimuli and what are they?
3. What do you mean by movement?
4. Write the secretory site and function of testosterone hormone.
5. What disease is caused by low secretion of STH hormone?
6. What is photo nastic movement?
7. What is Gnostic movement?
8. Write the difference between tropic movement and nostic movement.
9. Write the effect of thyroxine on circulatory system and metabolic rate in human body.
10. Why are hormones called plant growth regulators?
11. Write the chemical names of natural and synthetic auxins.
12. Mention two main functions of auxin.
13. Write the site of secretion and site of action of auxin.
14. Mention two opposite actions of auxins and cytokines.
15. Name the flight muscles of birds.
16. What is the chemical name and chemical nature of gibberellin?
17. Name two sources and two functions of gibberellin.
18. Write the difference between internal and external glands.
19. Write the difference between plant and animal hormones.
20. What can happen if hormones are not secreted in the right amount?
21. Write the causes and symptoms of goitre.
22. Write the secretory site and function of progesterone hormone.
23. What is the difference between hormones and neurohormones?
24. Distinguish between conditional and unconditioned reflexive verbs.
25. What is the function of skeletal muscle in human gait?
26. Write the source and function of cytokinin.
27. Why does cutting off the tip of the stem of a plant produce many branches?
28. Why are hormones considered as chemical messengers?
29. Give examples of local hormones.
30. Why is the pancreas called a mixed gland?
31. Why is the pituitary gland called the master gland?
32. Write four important characteristics of animal hormones.
33. Why is the hormone producing gland called anal gland?

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Secondary Life Science Suggestion 2024 pdf

34. State one function of where insulin is secreted from.
35. Write the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic nerves.
36. What is hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia?
37. Why is testosterone called androgen?
38. Mention the hormones secreted by anterior and posterior pituitary and their site of action.
39. What is the nervous system?
40. Why is insulin injection recommended for honeydew patients?
41. What is edge convergence?
42. What is afferent nerve?
43. What is efferent nerve?
44. Discuss with two examples how reflexive verbs help people in everyday life.
45. Show the stages of the cell cycle with a table or phase diagram.
46. What is factor?
47. What is hypothalamus?
48. What is nerve gland?
49. Give an idea about the formation of nerve gland from cell body.
50. Write the location and function of meninges.
51. How many types and what is the human nervous system?
52. Write any two acts of Sushumnakand.
53. What is the yellow spot? Mention its function.
54. What is myopia?
55. Write a functional difference between dendron and axon.
56. What is the main structural difference between the nervous system of vertebrates and invertebrates?
57. What is ephemeris or pseudopodium?
58. What is called cilia?
59. What is flagella?
60. Where are flagella found?
61. What is meant by amoeboid movement?
62. What is ball and socket joint?
63. Write the characteristics of ball and socket joints.
64. What is the role of fins in fish movement?
65. Which is the femur bone? What is its function?
66. What is myotome muscle?

Madhyamik Life Science Suggestion 2024

Answer the following questions (each question worth 5)

1. How do light and gravity control plant movement?
2. Write the location of adrenal gland. Name the hormones secreted by this gland. Why is adrenaline called the emergency hormone?
3. Write the difference between hormone and stimulator.
4. Functionally classify neurons. Write the main functions of axon and dendron.
5. Write the role of hinges and ball and socket joints in the human body and their role in movement.
6. Discuss the location of the thyroid gland and the functions of the hormones secreted by this gland.
7. What are synthetic or synthetic hormones? Mention the role of synthetic plant hormones in horticulture and agriculture.
8. Write the feedback control mechanism of hormonal action.
9. Give the marked diagram of reflex pressure.
10. Identify the different parts by drawing a diagram of a neuron.
11. What is cytokinesis? Briefly describe how cytokinesis occurs in plant and animal cells.
12. What do you mean by cell cycle? Describe the different stages of the cell cycle.
13. What is amitosis cell division and write its place of occurrence Write briefly the method of this type of cell division.
14. What is artificial reproduction? Briefly describe the methods of artificial propagation of plants.
15. Write the general features of Janna. Discuss the need or importance of birth.
16. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sexual reproduction.
17. Write the advantages and disadvantages of asexual reproduction.

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