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IIT Guwahati Launches Online B.Sc in Data Science and AI, Bypassing JEE Exam

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IIT Guwahati, one of the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology, has introduced an online Bachelor of Science program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. This initiative aims to provide aspiring students across the country with an opportunity to study at IITs without having to appear for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).

Developed in collaboration with Coursera, the four-year undergraduate program offers multiple entry and exit options. It covers essential programming languages such as Python and Java, as well as cutting-edge topics like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Big Data, and Cloud Computing.

According to Professor Parameswar K. Iyer,

the Officiating Director of IIT Guwahati, this program aligns with the National Education Policy 2020 and seeks to accommodate students who narrowly miss admission based on their JEE scores. Despite efforts to increase the number of seats and institutes, the vast talent pool in the country necessitates alternative solutions.

While having a background in mathematics during Classes 11 and 12 provides an advantage for admission, students who didn’t study the subject can still enroll in the program. They will be required to complete bridge courses and pass the corresponding exams before officially joining the online Bachelor’s degree. The duration of the course can extend up to eight years, allowing flexibility for students.

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The program does not impose a limit on the number of seats, and classes will be conducted in multiple batches to accommodate interested candidates. Coursera, in collaboration with companies like Google and Meta, will enhance the students’ job readiness by providing industry-led certificate courses during the program. These additional credentials aim to equip students with industry-specific skills and improve their employability.

However, IIT Guwahati is yet to determine whether students enrolled in this program will be eligible for placements alongside those who cleared the JEE exam.

Applications for the program will open in July, and the course is scheduled to commence in October.

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