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2023 Madhyamik examination have fails more than 1 lakh students -why?

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2023 Madhyamik examination have fails: The Madhyamik examination, a crucial milestone for secondary education in West Bengal, is an event eagerly anticipated by students, teachers, and parents alike. However, the recent announcement that over one lakh students have failed the 2023 Madhyamik examination has left many bewildered.

This unexpected increase in failures raises concerns and calls for a closer examination of the possible reasons behind this unfortunate trend. In this article, we delve into the factors that may have contributed to the rise in the number of students failing the Madhyamik examination in 2023.

Challenges Amidst the Pandemic (2023 Madhyamik examination have fails):

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted education systems worldwide, and West Bengal has been no exception. The transition to online learning, remote classes, and the lack of physical classroom interaction have posed significant challenges for students.

The sudden shift in the mode of education, coupled with technical limitations and inadequate access to resources, may have hindered the learning process for many students. The impact of these challenges on academic performance could be a significant contributing factor to the increased failure rate.

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Learning Loss and Incomplete Syllabus Coverage:

The disruptions caused by the pandemic have resulted in substantial learning loss for students. School closures, intermittent classes, and reduced instructional time have made it difficult for students to cover the entire syllabus thoroughly.

The shortened academic year and the need to prioritize certain topics may have resulted in gaps in students’ knowledge and understanding. Consequently, when faced with the Madhyamik examination, these gaps may have hindered their ability to answer questions effectively, leading to a higher failure rate.

Mental Health and Emotional Well-being:

The pandemic’s impact on mental health and emotional well-being cannot be overlooked. The stress, anxiety, and uncertainty experienced by students during this challenging period may have had a detrimental effect on their performance.

The prolonged isolation, limited social interactions, and concerns about the pandemic’s impact on their future could have taken a toll on students’ mental health. Such psychological distress may have affected their ability to concentrate, retain information, and perform optimally during the Madhyamik examination.

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Lack of Adequate Preparation and Study Resources:

The sudden shift to online learning may have resulted in disparities in students’ access to study resources and academic support. Not all students may have had access to reliable internet connectivity, digital devices, or study materials required for effective preparation.

The lack of face-to-face interaction with teachers, limited availability of clarifications for doubts, and inadequate guidance during the preparation phase could have contributed to suboptimal performance in the examination.

Inadequate Examination Preparedness (2023 Madhyamik examination have fails):

Effective examination preparedness is essential for success in any examination, including the Madhyamik examination. The sudden changes and uncertainties surrounding the examination schedule and format may have affected students’ preparedness.

The transition from online classes to a traditional examination setting, along with the added pressure of a high-stakes exam, may have resulted in increased anxiety and reduced confidence among students. These factors can influence performance and contribute to a higher number of failures.

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