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Government Schemes in West Bengal | Boosting Development and Empowering Citizens

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Government Schemes in West Bengal: West Bengal, one of the most populous states in India, has witnessed significant growth and development in recent years, thanks in part to various government schemes and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of its citizens.

These schemes have focused on a wide range of areas, from healthcare and education to infrastructure and employment, and have helped to empower individuals and communities throughout the state. In this article, we will discuss some of the major government schemes in West Bengal and their impact on the state’s development.

Healthcare Schemes

One of the most important areas of focus for the government of West Bengal has been healthcare. The state has implemented several schemes to provide quality healthcare services to its citizens, especially those in rural areas. The Swasthya Sathi scheme, launched in 2016, provides free medical insurance coverage to all residents of the state.

The scheme covers up to 5 lakhs per family per annum for all secondary and tertiary care procedures. Another notable scheme is the Niramoy scheme, which provides free treatment for major diseases such as cancer, cardiac ailments, and kidney-related problems to all residents of the state.

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Education Schemes

Another area of focus for the West Bengal government has been education. The state has introduced several schemes aimed at improving the quality of education and increasing access to it. The Kanyashree scheme, launched in 2013, provides financial assistance to girls from economically disadvantaged families to ensure their retention in schools and to prevent their marriage before the age of 18. The Sabuj Sathi scheme, launched in 2015, provides free bicycles to students studying in classes IX to XII to encourage them to attend school regularly.

Infrastructure Schemes

Infrastructure development is a key focus area for the West Bengal government. The state has launched several schemes to improve road, water, and electricity infrastructure. The Jal Swapno scheme, launched in 2016, aims to provide safe drinking water to every household in the state.

The Gitanjali scheme, launched in 2018, aims to provide electricity connections to households in rural areas that are still without power. The state has also launched several road development schemes, including the Gati Dhara scheme and the Pathashree Abhiyan scheme, which aim to improve road connectivity in the state.

Employment Schemes

The West Bengal government has also taken several measures to boost employment and entrepreneurship in the state. The Yuvashree Arpan scheme, launched in 2018, aims to provide financial assistance to unemployed youth for setting up their own business ventures.

The Karma Sathi Prakalpa scheme, launched in 2020, aims to provide employment opportunities to 1 lakh unemployed youth every year by setting up small enterprises. The state has also launched the Paschim Banga Society for Skill Development (PBSSD), which provides training and skill development programs to youth in various sectors.

Impact of Government Schemes

The various government schemes launched by the West Bengal government have had a significant impact on the development of the state. The Swasthya Sathi scheme has provided free medical insurance coverage to over 10 crore people in the state, ensuring access to quality healthcare services.

The Kanyashree scheme has helped to reduce the dropout rate among girls and has led to a significant increase in their enrolment in schools. The Jal Swapno scheme has helped to provide safe drinking water to over 4 crore households in the state, while the Gitanjali scheme has provided electricity connections to over 70 lakh households in rural areas.


The West Bengal government has launched several schemes and initiatives to improve the lives of its citizens and promote development in the state. These schemes have focused on

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