World Mental Health Day 2021: Try these tips to keep your mind healthy

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Some tips for boost your mental health

World Mental Health Day 2021: Covid-19 pandemic has affected the body as well as mental health to a great extent. According to a survey conducted by organizations working on mental health awareness, there has been an increase of 80 to 90 percent in people suffering from mental health problems due to the corona epidemic. According to the WHO report, 1 lakh people die every year worldwide due to mental illnesses. It is increasing by 10% every year. However, a survey conducted by organizations working on mental health has also revealed that creativity can increase 10 times if mental health is good.

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On the occasion of Mental Health Day, today we will tell you how you can take care of your body as well as mental health.

World Mental Health Day 2021; Try These 4 Tips:

  • think positive

Whatever the situation may come, but keep your thoughts positive. It will not be easy to do but with practice you will need to get used to thinking positively.

  • stay away from negativity

Often we are seriously affecting our mental health by comparing ourselves to someone, envying someone or thinking of taking revenge. In such a situation, when you think negatively, then excessive thoughts are generated in your mind, due to which your heart rate increases. For this reason, a disease like hypertension surrounds you, so stay away from negative thoughts for your good mental health.

  • share emotions

Instead of hiding such things that are giving you stress, share it with someone close when needed. This will ease your mind. Spending too much time worrying is not good for one’s mental health. It also has the opposite effect on your body.

  • do yoga

Yoga is a very beneficial recipe for physical and mental health. By meditating regularly, your mental health remains healthy, as well as your creativity also increases. There are many such simple ones which are helpful in keeping you mentally healthy. Practice those asanas and take a balanced and nutritious diet.

Yours Smart Update24 Team
Yours Smart Update24 Team
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