Why Facebook WhatsApp stopped working | Why such a big accident happened on Facebook WhatsApp?

Why Facebook WhatsApp stopped working| কেন এত বড় দুর্ঘটনা ঘটল ফেসবুক হোয়াটস অ্যাপে ? এই প্রব্লেম আবার ও হতে পারে , এখুনি এই কাজটি করুন |

Facebook WhatsApp, Instagram stopped working | Server Down Why?

Why Facebook WhatsApp stopped working: In a word, the whole world has become yes. There have been problems several times in the past. But Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram are closed for about 6 hours – no one can remember that. Why did such a catastrophe happen (Why Facebook WhatsApp stopped working)? Or a technical glitch?

Explaining the incident (Facebook Global outage), John Graham Cumming, Facebook’s chief technology officer, said that other handles, including Facebook, were vanished from the Internet in the wake of the BGP update.

Why Facebook WhatsApp stopped working; What is the reason for the BGP update?

If you want to know about BGP, you must first know what DNS is. Simply put, DNS is an Internet phone book. This converter is used to give an accurate IP address to any web domain on the Internet. The first DNS error appeared on Facebook on Monday. That means the facebook.com profile could not be seen. From the outside the problem I didn’t think was too big. No one understood. The Facebook ecosystem will collapse in a moment.

Gradually, Facebook’s internal applications and even the company’s email system completely collapsed (Why Facebook WhatsApp stopped working). That’s when the problem became more complicated. Entering the conference room of the company’s California office using a security badge. Facebook’s internal staff is panicking.

In turn, experts point out, the problem lies in the Border Gateway Protocol or BGP. If DNS is an internet phonebook, then you have to understand the postal system of BGP internet. In other words, the BGP paves the way for the huge amount of information that is being circulated from here to there in the blink of an eye.

After identifying the problem, the company solves the problem by trying for more than 8 hours. According to the information, some changes were made in the BGP route on behalf of the company on Monday. In other words, the service of Facebook collapses instead. But why did Facebook change its route in the morning? The company has not yet opened its mouth about this.

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