WhatsApp New Feature | know the WhatsApp New Feature Details

WhatsApp New Feature: Are you having a private conversation with your loved one on WhatsApp, and then seeing online and constantly messaging others? This time soon you will get rid of this annoyance. WhatsApp is going to arrange it so that people who don’t like it can’t see it even if they are online.

WhatsApp New Feature Details

WhatsApp already has several measures in place to protect customer privacy. From profile pictures to statuses, everything can be set to be visible to specific people if desired. But when a person directly opens WhatsApp, the text ‘Online’ comes under the name.

Meta authorities said that by making a few small changes, it will no longer be possible to see whether you are online or not.

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How to active WhatsApp New Feature?

  1. When you open WhatsApp, you will see three dots at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Touch those three points.
  2. Touching it will open several options. Select the option called ‘Settings’
  3. After that go to ‘Account’ option.
  4. Inside ‘Account’ there will be an option called ‘Privacy’. And when you go there, you will see an option called ‘Last Seen and Online’. You have to choose your choice by touching it.

Note : This feature is not available on all WhatsApp accounts yet. But very soon all customers will get this facility said WhatsApp authorities. Along with this feature, WhatsApp is also going to introduce a system to stop taking screenshots in case of one-time messages.

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