TATA Nano | Why did Ratan Tata bring Tata Nano? –Know the reason

TATA Nano: The Tata Nano is one of the cheapest cars of all time in the country’s auto industry. And that Tata Nano car was the special project of Ratan Tata, Chairman of Emeritus of his Sons. It was once very popular in the country. One of the reasons is the low price of the car. In terms of skyrocketing popularity, the car was called ‘Eklakhi Nano’.

A picture of Ratan Tata with that Tata Nano Electric model also went viral.

However, you do not want to know what was the reason behind bringing that Nano car that day? Why is Ratan Tata desperate to hand over a cheap car to Indians? After so many days that reason became known. He has revealed the real reason behind the launch of Nano in his recent Instagram post.

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Instagram post about TATA Nano:

Ratan Tata has shared a post on Instagram about it, the cheapest car in the history of India. The chairman of Tata Sons shares a short story behind the production of the country’s most affordable car that was launched on January 10, 2008. Tata Motors had halted production of the Nano in 2019 due to a fall in demand, but the car remains a landmark in the history of India’s automobile industry.

Ratan Tata wrote in his post that his desire to make road travel safe for Indian families inspired him to create the Nano. He wrote that what really inspired me and aroused the desire to produce this vehicle was the constant sight of Indian families going on scooters, with children riding on slippery roads between parents.

Ratan Tata further said that the biggest advantage of working in the School of Architecture was that it gave me many types of ideas in my spare time. He further said that first of all we tried to find out, how to make two-wheeler safe.

What is Ratan Tata Said about TATA Nano?

Ratan Tata said, “I used to see Indian families traveling on a scooter, children on sandy sandwiches between mothers and barangers on a slippery road.” This is where the idea of ​​making Nano comes from, said Ratan Tata. At first he and his team were thinking about how to build a safe scooter. From there, he thought of building a car that would cost a little more than a scooter, so that a family could easily cross all the distances, big and small.

Doodle of TATA:

The doodle featured a four-wheeled car with no doors or windows. The car had cabins that could carry only a small amount. Ratan Tata wrote in the post, “In the end I decided it would be a four wheeler.

Since its launch in 2006, the Nano has become a permanent member of many garages across the country. But as the day gets thicker, the sales of Nano continue to plummet.

At the time of launch, Tata Motors had set a sales target of 250,000 units of Nano cars per year. But the company never reached this target. Nano had the highest sales in the 2011-12 financial year. The car sold a total of 74,526 units at that time. Since then, sales of this car have been declining at a significant rate every year.

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