Summer Memes for Fun 2022 | গ্রীষ্মের রাস্তা এখন মরুভূমি, দেখা মিলছে উটের-ও

Summer Memes for Fun: The road in front of Curzon Gate in Burdwan is covered with sand. The ‘desert ship’ camel is walking on it. Sand has also accumulated in Burdwan station. Camels are roaming there too. Not really. When the life of everyone is unbearable in the scorching heat of the day, social media is full of funny ‘memes’. In order to get some relief from the hot weather, people have resorted to color jokes on social media

Fighting is raging in the surrounding districts at the highest temperatures. Burdwan is not backward either. The temperature has exceeded 42 degrees Celsius for the last few days. The power of ‘Lu’ outside. There is no comfort under the fan at home. The caricature of this situation is lightening the mind for a moment in an unbearable situation.

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Summer Memes for Fun: Why are these Camel Memes on Road?

As seen in all these ‘memes’ spread on social media, the ‘icon’ of the city of Burdwan, Curzon Gate, has taken on the appearance of a desert. The sand has accumulated all around. People are walking around dressed as Arabs. The camel is walking. Raj has spread the same ‘meme’ with colleges or other places in the city. Having fun, many people are sharing all those memes to spread the coolness of comfort.

Doctors are forbidding her to go out of the house this hot summer. But staying indoors in the heat has become difficult. There is no peace even in bed. It has a mattress and pillow.
Some ‘memes’ show camels sitting on the bed. It says ‘Bed or desert, I can’t catch’. Which is located very close to the sun. The name of that planet is ‘West Bengal‘.’.

It has rained in some places in North Bengal. Naturally there is some relief. Netizens are also frustrated with this: ‘Cherrapunji in North Bengal, wet genji in South Bengal’. It rained in winter in this district. There has been no rain since then. With this, ‘Mim’ is also circulating saying ‘I want to find the clouds’. All in all, in this unbearable heat, people are getting lost in the misguided, funny tricks. Sunny Chattopadhyay, a psychiatrist at Burdwan Medical College Hospital, said: That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Swastika Paul
Swastika Paul
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