Single-Use Plastic Use to banned 2022 from 1 July | Announced by Pollution Control Board

Single-Use Plastic Use to banned 2022 from 1 July: The government has completed its preparations regarding the ban on the use of single-use plastic in the country. For this, the government has made strict laws in collaboration with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

CPCB has adopted a number of measures in a phased manner, ranging from reducing the supply of raw materials to giving its options to reduce the supply. The department will take action against all manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and sellers who violate this order.

Banned the Single-Use Plastic uses:

The ban includes 19 single-use plastic products, including balloons, flags, candy, plastic sticks used in ice cream, thermocol plates, cups, glasses, plastic spoons, forks, knives, sauces, and packaging of sweet boxes. Invitation cards and packs of cigarettes. And plastic or PVC banners less than 100 microns.

Manufacturers, brand owners, suppliers and stockiest registered with the Delhi Pollution Control Board will be regularly inspected.

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Announced by Pollution Control Board:

The Pollution Control Board has asked to remove the existing stock by June 30. After that, the campaign will start on July 1.

The DPCC has asked the Sriram Institute of Industrial Research to conduct a survey to identify the city’s litter hotspots and determine the amount of plastic waste produced as it plans to phase out 19 single-use plastic items by June 30.

The official said the government would organize a three-day fair from July 1 to promote alternative SUP items.

people will get option:

The government has introduced safety, alternatives to plastic for the convenience of the people. For this, licenses have already been issued to 200 companies to make safer alternatives to plastics.

These companies will not even need to renew their licenses to promote Ease of Doing Business.

Single-Use Plastic: Use of these things will be prohibited

  1. ear buds with plastic sticks
  2. plastic stick of balloons
  3. plastic flags
  4. candy stick
  5. ice cream stick
  6. decorative thermocol
  7. plastic plates, cups
  8. plastic packing items
  9. plastic invitation card
  10. cigarette packets
  11. Plaster and PVC with less than 100 microns

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