Shahid Diwas 2022 | ২১ জুলাই শহীদ দিবস কেন পালন করা হয় ? এবং এর তাৎপর্য কি ?

Shahid Diwas 2022: Like every year, the government will observe July 21 as ‘Martyrs’ Day. Elaborate programs have been undertaken to celebrate the day with due dignity.

Trinamool activists and supporters will gather at Dharmatala again after 2 years. There are new surprises. This year there is a special dress code for leaders-ministers-volunteers. Abhishek Banerjee gave that dress to several people on Tuesday night.

What is the dress code?

It is reported that tomorrow the male workers of Trinamool will be seen in ghee colored khadi Punjabi. Trinamool Congress symbol will be on the chest. Khadi veils of the same color are made for women workers. Leaders-ministers-MPs-legislators will also join the martyrs’ rally tomorrow in those clothes.

Meanwhile, the indigenous artists of the Deucha-Pachami coal industrial area are appearing in the meeting on July 1 to express their gratitude to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. They have also made separate clothes for the Martyr’s Day event.

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Shahid Diwas 2022: What is Deucha Panchami?

Note that Deucha Panchami is going to be the second largest coal project in Asia. About 2500 land owners have agreed to give land after the announcement of the Chief Minister’s package. 260 of them have already been given appointment letters by the district police recently. After training they will serve as junior constables.

The Chief Minister promised to provide employment and compensation to the landowners for the proposed Deucha-Panchami coal project. 50 percent of the land has already been acquired. 600 landlords have received compensation.

Birbhum District Trinamool President Anubrata Mandal, Minister Chandranath Singh, Birbhum District Superintendent of Police Nagendranath Tripathi, District Commissioner Bidhan Roy were there. The stronger the assurance campaign, the weaker the Prakriti Banchao Mahasabha’s anti-coal project movement.

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