Reason for Ranvir Singh Photoshoot without clothes | What is Deepika’s reaction?

Reason for Ranvir Singh Photoshoot: Actor Ranveer Singh’s nude photos have been in a frenzy on social media. Naked Ranveer is lying on the carpet. Sometimes sitting or posing with a hard look in front of the picture. The pictures went viral instantly.

But not only Ranveer Singh. Actress Deepika Padukone is also being trolled for being his wife.

Reason for Ranvir Singh Photoshoot: What is Deepika’s Reaction:

In an interview with an all-India media, Deepika said that she was aware of this shoot from the beginning. He was a part of this entire photoshoot.

According to a source, “Deepika is impressed by the photos. He knew the plot of the shoot from the very beginning and liked it very much. Deepika saw the pictures before they hit the internet. He always supports Ranveer. When Ranveer does a table-breaking act like this, he backs it up.”

Reasons for Ranveer Singh’s Photoshoot:

Many people have given different reactions to this photoshoot for an American magazine. But what is Deepika’s reaction? Everyone is waiting for this question. The wait is over.

In his words, he bares his mind and soul in front of the audience for acting. That is the real nakedness to him. It is known that Ranveer did this photoshoot remembering the late American actor Burt Reynolds. Burt Reynolds also used to come up in the news again and again by doing such breaking photoshoots.

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Ranveer’s Habit:

Ranveer’s usual habit is to break the charts by taking bold steps. This time was no exception. He did a photoshoot completely naked. He said, he has no problem to be naked in front of thousands of people. It’s no big deal to him.

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