MAKAUT Exam Online/Offline 2021: Date, Time Semester will be held at Online 2021 / MAKAUT 2021 Semester Exam Procedure

MAKAUT Exam Online/Offline 2021: সেমিস্টার পরীক্ষা অনলাইনেই হবে/ কারা অফলাইন এ ক্লাস করবে

Is MAKAUT This Semester Exam will be held at Online? or Offline

MAKAUT Exam Online/Offline 2021: সেমিস্টার পরীক্ষা অনলাইনেই হবে |কারা অফলাইন ক্লাস করবে? |ম্যাকাউট শেষ সিমেস্টারের পড়ুয়াদের ক্যাম্পাসে ডাকবে |MAKAUT College Opening Rules 2021 |MAKAUT College Opening Guidelines from 16th November 2021 |MAKAUT Exam will be held at Online |MAKAUT Semester Exam Online/Offline | MAKAUT Odd Semester Exam 2021 |MAKAUT Announced Exam Procedure |MAKAUT 2021 Semester Exam Procedure

Only final semester students and researchers from about 200 engineering and professional colleges under the State University of Technology (MAKAUT) will be able to go first when the campus opens. On Saturday, Macaulay met with members of the Apai, an association of private engineering colleges in the state.

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MAKAUT Exam Online/Offline 2021;

It was there that the decision was made to open the campus from November 16.

Macau’s vice-chancellor Saikat Maitra said on the day that the test would be online. However, part of the test will be done offline. So that gradually all the tests can be taken offline. Practical and project will be started by bringing students step by step. Colleges have to open hostels in compliance with the rules. The tutorials of the third and fifth semesters will be done by the students as soon as they come to the campus. This will be done in small groups according to the covid-rules.

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The Vice-Chancellor said on the day, “The admission process for the first semester is still going on. Students will not be brought to campus this semester until the process is complete.

With this, it has been decided that all the students, researchers and teachers of the undergraduate and postgraduate final semesters have to know whether they have taken the antidote or not. For those who have not yet taken, the relevant organization has to make arrangements. The Vice-Chancellor will have to report regularly to the class on campus. Authorities will meet again in a month to review the situation.

In this regard, Calcutta University has already decided that the students of the third semester of postgraduate will come to the campus and take classes. This time the authorities issued a notification to open a hostel for those students. The campus was closed for about 20 months due to Covid. These postgraduate students never came to the campus after admission. So no one ever stayed in the hostel. A few days ago, the student organization DSO had given deputation to the authorities to open all the hostels of the university.

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