Lunar eclipse on Vaisakha Purnima; Take this caution without forgetting

Lunar eclipse: The first lunar eclipse of the year will be on May 16. This time there will be a lunar eclipse. When the eclipse is visible in its entirety, it is called chakras. The eclipse time is imminent. Here are some precautions to take in this case.

Lunar eclipse 2022 16th may

There is a belief that eclipse means inauspicious. This is also the Full Moon day tomorrow. The full moon is auspicious. Lunar eclipses are not visible in India this time. So there’s no time for formula. However, according to astrology, the formula is only valid when the eclipse is visible. In the context of scripture, the eclipse does not do any good. The temples are also closed at this time. If you do not take certain warnings during an eclipse, the problems can be exacerbated. If so, here are some precautions to take.

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Lunar Eclipse 2022: People of these two piles are awake, awake!

  • No good deeds should be done during this period. And not to touch the Idols of God.
  • According to Hindu mythology, people should chant sacred mantras during the lunar eclipse.
  • During the eclipse, people should put basil (basil) leaf in the food items for the next day including yogurt and flour.
  • The basil plant should not be touched at the time of the eclipse and the basil leaves should not be cut during the summer season.
  • Fresh food should be consumed only after the eclipse is over. Drinking water and eating during the eclipse is not good.
  • Cutting, peeling or sewing is prohibited for pregnant women during the eclipse.
  • During the eclipse, oiling, washing, and latching should not be done.
  • The day of the eclipse should be donated to the needy and the needy.
  • During the eclipse, water is to be offered on the Shivalinga and chanting of Shiva mantras. It is believed
  • that doing so will not have the disadvantages of the eclipse.
  • After the eclipse is over, your entire house should be purified with seawater.
  • People should not cut their nails or hair during the eclipse. It is considered ominous.

Donation in the name of the ancestors on the day of the eclipse.

Do not use any sharp object during an eclipse. At this time, do not use needles, scissors, knives etc.
It is believed that the force of gravity is high during the eclipse, so pregnant women should not watch the eclipse. This can have a negative impact on health. Pregnant women should not leave the house or sleep during the eclipse.

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First Blood Moon of the Year! Why does a full moon become a lunar eclipse?

Drinking water during an eclipse is also not good. Water should be consumed after the eclipse.
The eclipse is considered ominous, so chanting Hanuman Chalisa during the eclipse will reduce the effects of the eclipse.

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Yours Smart Update24 Team
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