Lakhimpur Kheri Violence Updates 2021: Why is Ashish Mishra Arrest? What’s on SIT’s CCTV Footage?

Lakhimpur Kheri | Uttar Pradesh | Ashih Mishra Arrest 

Lakhimpur Kheri Violence Updates: Ashih Mishra Arrest, Police have seized CCTV footage of some shops in the middle of a violent crime scene. It is reported that Ashish Mishra has captured the scenes of Ero.

Lucknow: The SIT (SIT) on Saturday seized the son of Union Home Minister Ajay Mishra’s son Ashish Mishra, who was on trial for the Lakhimpur violence case. Today the court granted the accused three days of police custody. The accused is not cooperating with the investigation of the case. The trial was held only for 12 hours and the accused did not respond adequately to questions. The SIT’s lawyers had therefore requested the court to give them 14 days’ custody after the trial.

On October 3, a jeep was unloaded on protesting farmers at Lakhempur Kheri. The protest took on a form of violence in the second half. Furious protesters shot and killed a jeep driver with sticks. Seven people, including three farmers, were killed in the incident. Farmers were rushed to the Union Cabinet for displaying a black flag. Ashish Mishra was in the vehicle. After the incident, the police had made allegations that Ashish Mishraoran was rescued and taken away. All the allegations were dismissed by the minister.

The Opposition has demanded that Union Minister Ajay Mishra should resign and Ashish Mishra be arrested. The SIC had issued a notice to the minister’s residence to attend the hearing on Friday. Ashish Mishra, who was a Friday boy, was arrested when he appeared before police on Saturday. Ashish Mishra is among the CCTV footage available to the police.

Lakhimpur Kheri Violence Updates; ‘That’ guy wearing a white shirt?

Police have seized CCTV footage of some shops in the middle of the scene of the violence. It is reported that Ashish Mishra has captured the scenes of Ero. Ashish Mishra is said to be a man wearing a white shirt near the driver. Police have not released any videos of the incident. Previously video clips of farmers riding a jeep, beating a driver and running from a jeep went viral.

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Farmers have no right to live?

Commenting on the Lakhimpur violence, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said how much the BJP government is killing farmers. They don’t even have a right to live? Shoot and shoot against the government? Do you want to get in the vehicle? It is a peasant country. The brutal ideology of the BJP is not fake. Kisan Satyagraha sent a warning to the farmers’ voices that they would be further strengthened.

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