IT Companies 2022 | IT Employees Prefer to Work from home, Hybrid Working Model

IT Companies 2022: Covid cases have been on the rise again across the country in the last few days. More than 12 thousand positive cases are being registered daily. This has led to widespread interest in how IT companies’ plans for a work-from-home approach are.

Although companies encourage employees to come to the office, most people tend to work remotely. Leading IT companies Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys and HCL Tech have already announced that they are adopting a hybrid model approach.

Some IT companies allow only a limited number of their employees to come to the office during the week. However, the majority of companies offer the opportunity to work remotely. Industry executives say the move is likely to continue as corona cases continue to rise again at a time when Work From Home is set to end soon.

More than 58 percent of software employees believe that industries ranging from technology to manufacturing, from BFSI to FMCG, from retail to healthcare, to the automobile, will implement a full-time office work approach by the end of this year, according to a recent survey by leading tech company Team Lease.

On the other hand only 5 per cent of people tend to be virtually available for companies in the future, the survey found. The survey found that 43.5 percent of HR leaders and their employees agreed to return to work. However, 76.78 per cent of IT companies want to give priority to their employees in choosing the work model, the survey said.

IT Companies 2022: TCS

TCS has already announced its plans to implement the Hybrid Model of Working. This approach will be a combination of both work from home as well as coming to the office. In a recent letter to employees, TCS described its hybrid model 3Es (Enable, Embrace, Empower). At present, the company’s operations are largely remote.

Allocating full time to work while working from home can be challenging. Other responsibilities include household chores, child education, and pet care. So there should be a clear distinction between job and home chores. It has to have some structured thinking. TCS said in the letter that it would be sufficient to allocate time for tasks depending on the priority.

Wherever employees are willing to work, companies need to assess the environment. Companies in particular need to make sure there is a balance between work and entertainment. IT companies can take a number of initiatives to reduce work stress for employees and bring happiness at work. Thereby paving the way to achieve the intended goal.

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IT Companies 2022: Infosys

In the case of work from home infosys will adopt a three step plan. In the first phase, the company will encourage work-from-home employees to come to the office twice a week from cities with DC (Development Centers) or nearby towns.

At the second phase, the company will begin preparations in the next few months to see if employees outside DC cities can return to their base development centers, said Nilanjan Roy, the company’s chief financial officer. In the long run, the hybrid model will be followed by taking into account corona conditions, clients and other factors.

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