History Of Pizza: Know Date, Importance, Significance, Why we Celebrate Pizza? /World Pizza Day 2021

কেন আমরা পিজ্জা উদযাপন করি? /বিশ্ব পিৎজা দিবস 2021

History Of Pizza: পিৎজার ইতিহাস/ As soon as the name of fast food is taken, different types of dishes come to the mind. Burger or pizza. Mouth watering comes on seeing them. If asked the most favorite of all these fast food, then most people will have only one answer – pizza.

Pizza, one such fast food that everyone knows about. Everyone must have tasted it at some point or the other. Now there are many varieties in it. Children love to eat pizza with great fervor. Nowadays there are pizza outlets in every city. But have you ever wondered where pizza was made for the first time in India. From which city did it start selling?

History Of Pizza; When did pizza arrive in India?

Actually, the journey of pizza reached India in 1996 through countries like Greece, Italy, America etc. The day was 18 June when the pizza was brought to India. Pizza Hut, the second famous company of the pizza market, is the only company that introduced the Indian people to the taste of pizza for the first time. The company opened its first outlet in India in Bangalore.

Where was the first Domino’s outlet opened in India?

Now you must be thinking that where was Domino’s, the biggest name of the pizza market? So let us also tell you that Domino’s was also not behind Pizza Hut. In 1995, Domino’s Pizza India Private Ltd took the franchise of Domino’s. After this, in 1996, the company started Domino’s Pizza. was launched in the market. The first outlet of Domino’s Pizza was opened in New Delhi. However, in 2009 the company name was changed to Jubilant Foodworks Limited Company. Now this company makes Domino’s Pizza in India.

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Types of Pizza?

The pizza types in the interactive game include margherita, pepperoni, white, calabresa, muzzarella, Hawaiian, magyaros, teriyaki mayonnaise, tom yum, paneer tikka and dessert.

Tom yum pizza is based off of the traditional Thai soup called tom yum, and the pizza is topped with shrimp and mushrooms with flavors like lime and lemongrass.

If seafood on pizza is not your thing, you can try Hawaiian pizza, topped with savory ham and sweet pineapple, or the paneer tikka pizza, covered with cottage cheese (paneer) and garam masala spices.

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