Hello Doctor Babu Prakalpa 2022: What is Hello Doctor Babu Project? (sdsmartupdate24.in) Know details

Hello Doctor Babu Prakalpa 2022: Now it is seen that 6 to 70 people are having fever-cold-cough all over the state. He is suffering from a severe headache. Many are panicking about it. Because now Omicron has entered the state. So people are terrified thinking whether it is. In this situation, the East Midnapore District Health Department launched the ‘Hello Doctor Babu’ project.

What is the ‘Hello Doctor Babu’ Prakalpa? (হ্যালো ডাক্তার বাবু প্রকল্প কি?)

‌ According to the District Health Department, the ‘Hello Doctor Babu’ project is a helpline service. Through which you will get medical advice from home. You can even call here in panic. If you have this fever-cold-cough-headache, you will get advice on what medicine to take and what to do. Even if someone really has coronavirus, here is the complete advice. This service will be available all day and night.

Hello Doctor Babu Prakalpa 2022; জেলা প্রশাসন সূত্রে জানা গিয়েছে, জেলার 25টি ব্লক এবং পাঁচটি পৌর এলাকায় ‘হ্যালো ডাক্তার বাবু’ পরিষেবার পৃথক হেল্পলাইন নম্বর চালু করা হয়েছে। এ জেলার মানুষ যাতে সেবা পায় সেজন্য এই উদ্যোগ। এই ফোন নম্বরটি সবার কাছে পৌঁছে দিতে সর্বত্র লিফলেট, ব্যানার, ফ্লেক্স টাঙানো হয়েছে। বিষয়টি সামাজিক যোগাযোগ মাধ্যমে তুলে ধরা হয়েছে।

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The service of ‘Hello Doctor Babu’ has also been launched in Digha. The number is 695643369. Besides, 1584 hopefuls have been posted in Nandigram Health District and 2500 in East Midnapore Health District to deliver telemedicine services to the homes of patients. The health officer of East Midnapore said that 31 safe homes have been set up in the district. A few numbers are given here. Haldia Municipality – 954696171, Nandigram – 1 Municipality – 8906972117, Nandigram – 2 Municipality – 97261792, Haldia Municipality (M) – 8145362605, Nandigram SSH – DH91.

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The five municipal helpline numbers of ‘Hello Doctor Babu’ project are-

Haldia Municipality – 954696171,

Nandigram-1 Municipality- 8906962116,

Nandigram-2 Municipality-97261892,

Haldia Municipality (M) – 8145362605,

Nandigram SSH-DH-9932394175

The helpline numbers of 25 blocks:

Panskura Block – 6596159056,

Kolaghat Block – 9564053465,

Shahid Matangini Block – 9932565622,

Tamluk Block – 9048002850,

Moyna Block – 8369003140,

Nandakumar Block – 9593020447,

Chandipur Block – 696062843,

Panskura (M) Block – 6596159056,

Tamluk (M) Block – 8003040651,

Contai-1 Block- 9832509343,

Contai-3 Block – 62898536,

Ramnagar-1 Block- 9006090556,

Ramnagar-2 Block-79859906,

Khejuri-1 Block- 8117427374,

Khejuri-2 Block-796150233,

Deshpran Black – 7927529617,

Bhagwanpur-2 Block-801396562,

Contai (M) – Block – 9932259489,

Egra-1 Block- 9831464650,

Egra-2 Block-6159064526,

PATASHPUR-1 BLOCK-73745999944,

Potashpur-2 Block- 9546061790,

Bhagwanpur-1 Block- 8013121212,

Egra (M) Block – 65646444,

Mahishadal Block – 989240901

Another Approach of ‘Hello Doctor Babu’ project:

Besides, ‘Hello Doctor Babu’ service also launched in Digha, the tourist center of the district. The number there is – 95743369.

According to the health officer of East Midnapore, a total of 1,584 hopefuls have deployed in Nandigram Health District and 2,500 in East Midnapore Health District to deliver telemedicine services to the homes of infected patients. Besides, 31 safe-homes have set up in all the blocks and municipalities in the district.

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