Happy Birthday Ratan Tata: Biography of Ratan TATA / Inspiring people by becoming an example of success

শুভ জন্মদিন রতন টাটা: রতন টাটার জীবনী / সফলতার উদাহরণ হয়ে মানুষকে অনুপ্রাণিত করা

Happy Birthday Ratan Tata: Ratan Tata was born on 28 December 1937 in Surat, 83 years ago today. Today, on the occasion of his birthday, along with some interesting anecdotes, we will tell you those 4 quotes of his, which can save your life.

Happy Birthday Ratan Tata: That will become an inspiration for you

1. People who throw stones at you should be used to build a memorial.
2. If you want to walk fast, then walk alone, but if you want to walk long, then take everyone along.
3. No one can harm a person other than his own mindset.
4. To understand the modus operandi of the company and many important things, one should act as a factory worker.

Biography of Ratan TATA:

1. Ratan Tata is the son of Naval Tata, the adopted grandson of Tata Group founder Jamsetji Tata.
2 Tata was from the capitalist family of Gujarat, but despite this, his childhood did not go well and the reason for this was that his parents did not live with him. Tata was very young when his parents started living separately due to differences.
3. Tata was raised by his grandmother and after that he went to Mumbai for further studies.
4. After completing his studies in Mumbai, Tata did a BS in Architecture from Cornell University and Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School.
5. Ratan Tata becomes the 5th Chairman of the Tata Group. Significantly, there are only 6 chairman in the Tata group, out of which 2 are not from the Tata family. Tata Group is considered to be the trusted company of the country.
6. The Tata company came into controversy when they sacked its sixth chairman, Cyrus Mistry, from the company.
8. Ratan Tata worked for some time as interim chairman after the removal of Cyrus Mistry.
9. The work of making salt for the first time in the country was started in 1927 in Okha, Gujarat, which was bought by JRD Tata in 1938 and with this the Tata Salt started.
10. In the year 2008, Ratan Tata introduced Nano, the world’s cheapest car worth one lakh rupees. In fact, Tata had seen this dream only in 1997, so that a common man could fulfill his dream of a car in just Rs 1 lakh.

Industrialist Ratan Tata turns 84:

Today is the birthday of the world’s famous industrialist Ratan Tata.

(আজ বিশ্বের বিখ্যাত শিল্পপতি রতন টাটার জন্মদিন। রতন টাটা শুধু ইন্ডাস্ট্রিতে তার সাফল্যের জন্যই পরিচিত নন, তিনি তার ব্যক্তিত্ব দিয়েও আলাদা পরিচিতি তৈরি করেছেন। আজ তার ৮৪তম জন্মদিন পালিত হচ্ছে।

আজ বিশ্বের বিখ্যাত শিল্পপতি রতন টাটার জন্মদিন। রতন টাটা শুধু ইন্ডাস্ট্রিতে তার সাফল্যের জন্যই পরিচিত নন, তিনি তার ব্যক্তিত্ব দিয়েও আলাদা পরিচিতি তৈরি করেছেন। সফল ভারতীয় ব্যবসায়ীর কথা উঠলে সবার উপরে উঠে আসে রতন টাটার নাম। রতন টাটার জন্মদিন আজ 28 ডিসেম্বর পালিত হচ্ছে এবং তিনি 84 বছর বয়সে পরিণত হয়েছেন। আজ রতন টাটা মানুষের অনুপ্রেরণা হয়ে উঠেছেন।)

Happy Birthday Ratan Tata: Chairman of the Tata Group from 1991 to 2012

Ratan Tata was the chairman of the Tata Group from 1991 to 2012. He stepped down as the chairman of the Tata Group on 28 December 2012, but is still the chairman of the Tata Group’s charitable trust. During his tenure, he was also the chairman of all major Tata Group companies such as Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Tata Power, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Tea, Tata Chemicals, Indian Hotels and Tata Teleservices. Under his leadership, the Tata Group scaled new heights.

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Awarded Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan

টাটা সন্সের প্রাক্তন চেয়ারম্যান রতন টাটা 2008 সালে পদ্মবিভূষণ এবং 2000 সালে পদ্মভূষণে সম্মানিত হন। রতন টাটা তার সভাপতিত্বে টাটা গ্রুপকে আকাশের উচ্চতায় নিয়ে যাওয়ার ক্ষেত্রে তার অবদানের জন্য পরিচিত।

According to statistics, under his leadership, the Tata Group grew revenue by over 40 times and profit by more than 50 times.


আমাদের লেখা আপনার কেমন লাগছে ও আপনার যদি কোন প্রশ্ন থাকে তবে নিচে কমেন্ট করে জানান ।

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