Dumbphone | What is a dumbphone? Not smart but clever

Dumbphone: Smartphones have completely changed our lives in the last decade. Various social platforms have appeared with smartphones. Now almost everything can be done from your dumb phone. But did you know that even a few years ago there were Nokia, Motorola feature phones in every house.

These phones are making a comeback in the market once again. And the new name is Dumbphone. That is, the intelligence of the phone is not like a smartphone. But why is the young generation attracted to this phone?

What is a dumbphone?

According to a report published in the BBC, dumbphones are rapidly gaining popularity. Especially in countries like India and Africa where per capita income is still very low, people are opting for these phones for simple calling and text messages. But not only for financial reasons, many people are turning to feature phones to stay away from smartphones.

Various information is continuously displayed on the smartphone screen throughout the day. And a part of the young generation thinks that this huge amount of information is making life boring. And this is why they are inclined to sell their smartphones and buy feature phones or dumb phones.

Many of them said that due to stopping the use of smartphones, peace has returned to their lives. Many people also said that they are enjoying much more pleasure than before.

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Why is the young generation having fun with this phone leaving Android?

Some have turned to feature phones to avoid the hassle of charging smartphones. Some people are buying these types of phones to stay away from social media on weekends.

But not only common people, international celebrities have also walked this path. Popular Hollywood star Selena Gomez has stayed away from smartphones for the past few years. He said that mental health has improved as a result of this decision. Personal relationships also improved.

And this is the reason why companies like Nokia are bringing new feature phones one after another. Nokia recently launched four new feature phones.

However, it is possible to make your smartphone dumb if you want. For this you can install Lessphone app on Android phone. After installing this app no ​​other app can be used except 5-6 required apps.

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