Bharat Bandh 2022 | What services will be affected? –Banking, Transport, and Others

ভারত বন্ধ 2022 | কি সেবা প্রভাবিত হবে? -ব্যাংকিং, পরিবহন, এবং অন্যান্য

Bharat Bandh 2022 in India: Various trade unions have called for a nationwide strike on March 28 and 29. There will be a Bharat Bandh on Monday and Tuesday. The employees of Railways, Roadways, Transport, and Electricity departments have also decided to support this Bharat Bandh.

This Bharat Bandh is being called against the policies of the Central Government, which are having a bad effect on the employees, farmers, and common people. Trade unions have sent notices to Coal, Steel, Oil, Telecom, Postal, Income Tax, Copper, Banks and Insurance sectors to announce the strike against the policies of the Central Government.

At the same time, the All India Bank Employees Association has said that the banking sector will also participate in this strike. Let us inform you that after the meeting of the Joint Forum of Central Trade Unions on 22 March 2022, the strike was announced across the country.

Announcement of Bharat Bandh against the policies of the Central Government:

In fact, trade unions say that buoyed by the results of the recently held state elections, the BJP government at the Center has started taking decisions against the interests of the employed people. In which the EPF interest rate has been reduced from 8.5 percent to 8.1%, the prices of petrol, diesel, LPG, kerosene, CNG have been suddenly increased.

The trade unions criticized the policies of the government in their meeting. The announcement of United Kisan Morcha was welcomed in the meeting. He has called for ‘Gaon Bandh’ on 28-29 March.

Working affected update:

Railways can also join the strike. Let us inform that the employees’ organizations say that they are doing this strike against the policies of the central government. Bank unions will express their opposition to the privatization of public sector banks. The government had announced the privatization of two more public sector banks in the 2021 budget. Unions of railways and defense sector can also join the strike.

SBI’s statement 2022:

But let’s take a look at the services affected by these two days of the Bharat Bandh.

Road and transport workers and electrical workers have decided to join the strike. This will have an impact on the services of these two sectors, the Bharat Bandh.

The All India Bank Employees Association said the banking and insurance sectors would also support the strike. The strike will have an impact on banking services. Many banks have already issued advance alerts to customers to this extent.

Trade unions in coal, steel, oil, telecom, postal, income tax, copper, banks and insurance have issued strike notices.

Unions in the railway and defense sectors are also supporting the strike. Hundreds of protesters across the country said they would co-operate in mass mobilization.

SBI, the country’s largest public sector bank, also said the strike would affect its banking services. In the wake of the two-day strike, the bank said it would try to avoid any disruption to the normal operations of its branches.

The unions are protesting against the privatization of public sector companies and the Banking Laws Amendment Bill 2021.

However, the West Bengal government has directed all government employees to come to their offices and report for duty during these two days.

Meanwhile, the Joint Forum of Central Trade Unions called for the strike.
The strike was in protest of the anti-people, anti-employment, anti-farmer and anti-racial policies being pursued by the central government

The Central Forum of Central Trade Unions said that they are carrying out.

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