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Best Project Ideas List for Final Year Student 2021-22 | MAKAUT

Best Project Ideas List for Final Year Student 2021-22 | MAKAUT

Best Project Final Year Student: The final year of a course is one of the most important stages of Completed your education and professional grooming. in the final year, students get to put their theoretical knowledge to the test. This is when students work on practical assignments and projects.

The main goal behind including final year projects in the course curriculum is to encourage students to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical use. Working on final year projects allows students to couple their intellectual faculties with practical skills to solving real-world engineering and business problems.

The objectives of final year projects include:

  • create a platform for students to demonstrate their practical competence.
  • To encourage students to apply their subject knowledge gained in the degree course.
  • help students sharpen their intellectual qualities like creative thinking, analytical abilities, teamwork, and communication skills.

If you are a final-year student, this article is just what you need! Today, we’ll talk about a few final-year project ideas that will make the choosing process much easier. So, let’s get right into it!

Best Project Final Year Student Blow 

What are some good ideas for final year B.Tech projects in CSE?

  • Prediction of flood by rainfall using MLP classifier of neural network model.
  • Prediction of user purchased a product a product on social network advertisement using SMLT
  • Real and fake job posting using Machine Learning Approach
  • Google play store classification using SMLT
  • Detection of human facial expression using deep learning technique
  • Plant leaf Disease Recognition using Deep learning approach
  • Person Re-Identification of visualization with deep learning technique
  • Weather classification using CNN
  • Emoji classification using Deep Learning
  • Animal classification using CNN (Le Net)
  • Genetic disorder classification
  • Covid-19 Human mask identification using Deep Learning technique
  • Human signature verification using CNN with Tensor Flow Deployment using Django framework
  • Leaf (rice) disease classification using Deep Learning Deployment using web framework
  • MRI Image Classification of brain Tumor using Deep Neural Network Deployment using web framework
  • Malaria disease classification using Artificial NeuralNetwork

What are some good ideas for final year B.Tech projects in ECE?

  • Implementation of Telemetry System in Agriculture
  • Agribot Integrated System Design & Operation through Wi-Fi
  • Analysis of Accident for Automobile Black Box System
  • Smart E-Health Smart Network System
  • Arduino Robot Controlling Through an Interface of Brain-Computer
  • IoT & Raspberry Pi based E-health Monitoring System for Elders
  • Smart Video Surveillance System Implementation
  • Communication System of Chaos with MIMO Technique
  • Anesthesia Machine using Microcontroller
  • Automatic Wheel Chair Controlled by Eye Ball Sensor
  • Brain Tumor Patterns Enhancement using Image Processing Techniques
  • Three Transistor Inverter based on Low Power
  • Prepaid Energy Meter with GSM Interface
  • Wireless Power Driven Car or Train
  • EVM Electronic Voting Machine using PIC Microcontroller
  • Solar Inverter
  • PC Mouse Operated Electrical Load Control with VB Application
  • Four Quadrant DC Motor Control without Microcontroller using Speed Control Unit
  • Raspberry Pi based Programmable Sequential Switching
  • Arduino based Underground Cable Fault Detection
  • Tech Project List for Electronic Communication Engineering Students

What are some good ideas for final year B.Tech projects in EE & EEE?

  • IoT based Irrigation System
  • IoT based Monitoring System for Weather
  • Tracker System for Solar using Dual Axis
  • Servos Controlled through Motion with IoT
  • Reduction of Electricity Theft through IoT
  • Smart Transportation Systems using IoT
  • Power System Based Projects for EEE
  • Controlling of Power Grid using PC SCADA
  • Indication of Brake Failure
  • Efficient & Intelligent Light Control System Design
  • Controlling of AC Power with IGBT/MOSFET
  • Data Transmission PLCC System
  • 1- Phase to 3-Phase Supply Conversion
  • Transformer Overload Protection
  • Harvesting of Power for Sensor Networks
  • Indication of Power Failure
  • Cordless Power Controller (CPC)
  • Debugger System for Energy Meter
  • Electromagnetic Braking System using Solar
  • GSM based Battery Management for UPS
  • Mobile Charger using Solar Energy
  • PWM based DC Motor Speed Control
  • Speed Controlling of AC Motor using a Cell phone
  • Mini Inverter using Microcontroller
  • Monitoring System for Water Quality using Solar
  • Wireless Power Transfer using Solar
  • Robot Powered through Solar for Controlling Flashlight
  • Dual Management System of Solar Panel
  • Water Heating System using Solar & PIC Microcontroller
  • Nano Solar Cell-based Cost & Design Analysis
  • Controlling of Four Quadrant DC Motor without Microcontroller
  • Uni-Polar Stepper Motor Speed Controlling
  • Direction Control of DC Motor through Wireless
  • Alarm for Over Temperature through Fan ON
  • NE555 Timer-based Inverter & Signal Generator
  • Designing of HVDC Power Supply
  • Smart CRO Probe Activated through Vibration

What are some good ideas for final year B.Tech projects in CIVIL?

  • Geographic Information System using Q-GIS
  • Structural and Foundation Analysis
  • Construction Project Management & Building Information Modeling
  • Tall Building Design
  • Seismic Design using SAP2000 & ETABS

What are some good ideas for final year B.Tech projects in ME?

আমাদের লেখা আপনার কেমন লাগছে ও আপনার যদি কোন প্রশ্ন থাকে তবে নিচে কমেন্ট করে জানান ।

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